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  • I’m very new to all of this – WordPress and NextGen less than a week.
    My gallery preview thumbnails are stretching horizontally and I found after much experimenting that they only stretch when the original image Width is less than the Height (most of my images are portrait), So my workaround is to select only those images that are wider than taller (Landscape). My images have been resized to the standard 800×600 and my thumbnails are set to and resized to 120×115. Unchecked “ignore aspect ratio….” .I still using theme twenty eleven until I have my feet on the ground!
    A possibly unrelated question/comment; When resizing a gallery with more than 50 images I can only bulk edit 50 at a time. Wondering if there could be a select all choice for all bulk editing albumn with over 50 images?
    Also when resizing thumbnails or images, after I complete resizing each page of images do I have to also click “save changes” or is that redundant for bulk actions?
    Lastly (for now) can I individually set albums to open as thumbnails or slide show instead of having to choose all or nothing?
    Thanks so much.

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