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    i just finished installing and using dashboard to upload and create some galleries.

    But what address do I use to view these galleries online? do the images that I uploaded into the “gallery” folder need to be in wp-content/plugins/nggallery? Right now they reside at wp-content/gallery

    i’m new to all this so please be specific in instructions. Also, i’m on a mac with DWMX.


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  • I have the same problem. Can someone answer this. The documentation for the plugin sucks.

    Alright, here’s the scoop. To use a gallery that you’ve created, put the following into the “page” or “post”: [gallery=id]

    Here’s the catch. You need to substitute “id” with the number of the id of the gallery you want to display, such as “1” for gallery 1. So that means that to display a gallery with the id of “1”, you would put the following in your “page” or “post”: [gallery=1].

    This is obviously different from how some of the template “tags” work, where “id” would mean that it was going to sort by id. As far as I know you can’t have WordPress automatically find and display all galleries. You have to manually put each one in a “page” or “post”, unless you were to write your own function to do so.

    Hi – I’m just starting with this plugin today. kbauman – you wrote “To use a gallery that you’ve created, put the following into the “page” or “post”: [gallery=id]”

    *where* into the page or post do you mean? within the body? in the header? and also, I must have jumped out of order trying to upload some photos and an error occurred about a file not beeing 777 – so which file is that? the image or the page?

    you put that anywhere in the post field. thats it.

    The 777 error comes from read/write permissions on your Gallery folder. If you edit permissions on that folder to everything read/write you should clear the 777 error hurdle.

    My issue is the photo uploader isn’t working for me so I’m now on the search for a new image gallery.

    Hope that helps.


    thank you..

    Hey all, thanks for the great responses. I still have a few simple questions that maybe you could answer… Don’t worry they aren’t that bad.

    Can I simply add a page to the template called “Gallery” that will go to a list of ALL the galleries? Or should I just make a separate page for each gallery? kbauman is this where you ad the {gallery=ID}? I assume it goes into the code somewhere?

    I go through the whole installation process, follow the directions step by step and then I get to where it says to change permission to 777 but it does not say how, or where or anything. I keep reading to change the ngalery folder but which one, main one…and then if so how do I do that? Every other part of the directions is to cut and dry and then this huge step is simply mentioned as a footnote and it makes no sense to me. HELP!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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