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  • I have the most current version of NextGen Gallery, 1.9.3, and the most current WordPress. I loaded in some galleries last fall and they sorted perfectly. Upgraded the plug in tonight as it was the first time in a while I had logged in (yeah, I’m slow on updates and posting. Working on that). Loaded in a new gallery, and the sort is not working at all. I have checked Gallery Options and they are set to custom. I have turned off all of the other plugins (only 4 others activated) and no change. I’ve tried all of the various sort options, and none of them change anything. I can only guess that this is a version clash but don’t know for sure.

    New gallery is not viewable right now though I can change that if need be. Blog address is

    Any thoughts?


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  • bump – help?


    While waiting for someone to chime in here, I’ve been trying various things. I have gone into the plugin’s settings and reset all settings to default. I’ve even tried switching browsers from Safari to Firefox to see if that made any difference. Still getting nowhere.

    Have I set up this request wrong? I see lots of interaction on NextGEN questions historically, but the last time this particular question seems to have been asked is months ago. If I need to somehow restructure this support request, someone PLEASE tell me so I can do so.

    Would be ever so grateful for some help. Thanks…

    Really? No one?

    Hey buddy, sucks that no one is responding to your seemingly very annoying issue.. wish I could help you, but I can’t. But maybe you can help me! Since I updated to the latest version I can’t even seem to find the ‘sort gallery’ function. Could you point it out to me? Much obliged!

    Yeah, thanks. Lack of response, very annoying.

    Have you gone to your Gallery -> Options -> Gallery page, and set sort thumbnails under Sort Options to Custom Sort. That should bring back your sort gallery button. If it doesn’t, I am not sure what to suggest.

    And oddly, the next bunch of photos I set up in a new gallery sorted perfectly. All shot with the same camera so I don’t know what hosed the sort for the gallery I posted about.

    Good luck to you.

    A good stable version is 1.9.0, here’s the url :

    Thanks, Whalegeek. That did the trick for me! Somehow I overlooked that option.. Thanks again!

    Thanks, DoubleSixx. I have never rolled back a plugin version before so will have to make sure I do that correctly. Any tips?

    Now, the sort isn’t working with the latest upload, and there are three images I can’t get into that new gallery at all. Keep getting an ‘ERROR HTTP error. : HTTP Error.’ in the dialog box. It took 22 of 25 images on the first load, but when I try to upload the other 3 – which have no significant differences in file names or originals – I cannot do it.

    This is getting a little frustrating!

    (Mvvoorbergen – glad your question is resolved!)

    Is it the case that you’re able to arrange the thumbnails okay during the sort phase? As in, the drag and drop works okay but the order isn’t being saved to the front end? I’m having a sort of opposite problem with 1.9.3 – on every system I’ve tested my site on, the drag and drop function is screwy but once I manage to wrestle the things into place they are saved. Sorry I can’t help… I just popped in here to ask whether you were able to drag and drop okay.

    I can arrange the thumbnails manually though the placement is a little borked and it’s hard to get it right. This is a small gallery of only 25 images. If I had to manually sort a larger gallery (I have one up now of about 125+ images and more larger groups to load in), that would be a massive waste of time. Once I have the order in place and save, the order does seem to stick.

    Thanks… (responding to the other ticket next.)

    7 months after I posted this question, I am STILL having this problem. Only 1 our of every 2-3 gallery uploads actually load into the correct order, and the Sort Gallery button is NOT changing the order, no matter what option I choose. I’ve posted about this on other threads too. Tired of spending tons of extra time manually rearranging galleries and would appreciate someone from Photocrati’s addressing this. I have the most current plug in and WordPress versions running. Could SOMEONE fix this problem, please?

    Agree – this is a super annoying issue! If anyone could shed some light it would be fantastic. Pretty please with a cherry on top and a couple granules of sugar on top of that dipped in magic shell.

    Still a problem here also. very, very annoying for customers. Some galleries aren’t even sporting at all, just a hodgepodge.For example, I have sort setup as descending/filename and I get 1/3 ascending and some descending and some just jumbled around.

    Is this going to be fixed, ever?

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