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    I am new to WordPress and NextGEN, both look great! I have both of the lastest versions.

    I see many samples of websites that use both and they have nice looking and obvious Prev & Next buttons (or arrows). On the site I am working on when I use Shutter I get some very small blue arrows at the bottom of the screen which are hard to see or even notice. When I use Thickbox I get a very small Prev & Next buttons at the bottom of the Thickbox which is somewhat easier to see but I have seen better on other sites. What I would like are the arrows that appear when you hover over the right or left side of the picture.
    My site is under

    Thanks for you help.

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  • It just starting working after I changed from thickbox to shutter. I have done this several times already but this time it seems to of solved the problem.




    Hi dmuir,

    I’m also interested to use those big and nice looking Next/Prev buttons, I like the idea to pass from a photo to another just clicking anywhere in the left/right side of the picture without worrying to find the arrows. How did you manege to get it working? Which effect do you use? Is it lightbox? Did you install any other plugin/program besides NextGen gallery plugin? I’ve tried using lightbox but it actually opens another tab on the browser pointing to the picture URL (the original size one) just like no effect were engaged! Should I install anything else?

    Thanks for the help,


    edit: the ultimate thing for picture display would be the ability to use these Prev/Next buttons on the shutter effect option, it would be terrific! I really do like the way the shutter effect can handle the multiple pages thumbnails (pagination and AJAX pagination to avoid page reload), it would be dream becoming true if we have the possibility to click on image to change picture and click outside the picture frame to clock the gallery view (instead of clicking on the image to close it as it is implemented right now).



    Sorry just got back to this post today.

    The shutter plugin was creating the small blue arrows at the bottom — that is what comes with this plugin.

    I found that the reason it started working was I had deactivated shutter and I had earlier changed NextGEN to use shutter which was now deactivated, therefore it was most likely using lightbox instead, although I’m not sure.

    What I changed to to get the PREV and NEXT button on the image was to use the Slimbox plugin and set the NextGEN effects to Lightbox.

    Hope this helps.




    thx for the reply,

    well, i see what you did. Actually, I could not find the lightbox I would wish to find. Actually, the perfect one would be the mix between the Shutter Reloaded plugin which resize the images according to the size of the browser window and the lightbox Next/Prev buttons feature. For now I stick with the resize function…




    @ lieleo:


    I managed to get it working by using the “jQuery Lightbox Balupton Edition” plugin.

    Just install this plugin and activate Lightbox in Nextgen.
    It does resize to the browser window and has the nice Next / Prev buttons.

    @dmuir Thank you! You solved a problem I’ve been trying to find the answer to for months!

    Slimbox Plugin + NextGen set to lightbox

    This did the trick! One bit more information I can add is this:
    There are 2 plugins called Slimbox, when you go to “add new” plugin. One is just called Slimbox the other is called Slimbox-Plugin

    I read some support form posts and determined I should try Slimbox-Plugin first, and it worked like a charm! Beautiful integrated navigation in my NextGen galleries now!

    So many people looking for answers on this, most of them never get answered. I don’t understand why. Do a search for NextGen Gallery and almost every question is “unresolved” “0 replies” . I just don’t get it. Such an awesome plugin and then all questions are just ignored!? I was wondering if the only way to get this function or the secret answer was to make a donation to the author of NextGen? I thought of donating just to see if it gave me access to some “secret support document” or forum that told you how to change the navigation arrows!

    I still will make a donation. But the first donation will go the Slimbox-plugin for saving me from wasting anymore time on the crazy hunt for a solution!

    Thanks a million dmuir!!

    I was wondering if anyone has come up with a Google Chrome fix for the next gen gallery when updating to WP 2.9.1 When you click on an image the image pops up but when you click on the next arrow all you get is the “loading” screen….it works fine in Firefox & IE but just stopped workingin Chrome..any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I have google Chrome as well but it works here…

    The fix is called slimbox plugin or jQuery Lightbox Balupton Edition plugin and switching the ‘effect’ in the nextgen options to lightbox

    It works excellently.

    It’s not working for me either with Chrome. Same issue…”Loading.” Using 2.9.2

    Just as stated above, the solution for Chrome is to change the NextGen effect to “lightbox” and then install jQuery Lightbox Balupton. Everything works beautifully!

    I’m using 2.9.2 and just installed jQuery Lightbox Balupton, switched effect to lightbox. It spins and spins in Chrome. I can’t have 12% of users not able to view the large images. Am I missing something?

    I’m after something really really simple.

    I want to be able to upload a bunch of images to a post which automatically creates a “gallery” with a ‘next’ and ‘prev’ button sitting next to it which allows the user to fade the current photo into the other.

    Something similar to this:

    Possible with the plugins you talk about here? I do not want the whole lightbox effect.


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