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  • I have a number of blogs running on NextGen Gallery, but the problem is that they have posted a lot of wedding pictures that are 3-10 MB each. They don’t want to completely resize all the images, because their family and friends want to be able to access them still, but browsing through them is incredibly slow. How do I get the slideshow and general scrolling to use a medium sized image unless they purposely click ‘Full Size’?

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  • Ditto. How do you resize the images so that the medium image is actually medium-sized?

    It seems to only do thumbnails and full-sized images. The intermediate image may be displayed with a 500px width and a 375 px height, but it still requires a 3 MB download as the file itself is the full-sized image.

    How do you resize the intermediate images?

    Medium size is not supported, need to be programmed

    Do you plan on programming it into NextGen? If so, when should we expect to see it functional?

    No time schedule at the moment…I finish first other tasks, and if a lot of users request this feature I will ahve a look for it.

    No time schedule at the moment…I finish first other tasks, and if a lot of users request this feature I will have a look for it.

    As you finish other tasks and consider new items for nextgen, please consider adding this feature. Thanks

    This is a very needed feature! Especially combined with resizing on upload.
    Many people upload big (>2MB) pictures and this makes the gallery slow. Manually resizing is not a good solution.
    The medium-sized picture should replace the picture in the gallery but the original should stay there for people to be able to download it (maybe move the originals to a sub folder “originals”?).

    I agree with Atramhasis! This is a needed feature

    I agree with Atramhasis, rillest and others who needs this feature.
    I use NextGen Gallery in blog of artist and it is very slow to open popup thickbox with 2MB picture on it.

    Excellent piece of work! But the inability to re-size the gallery display photo is a “fatal flaw” for me. Most of my original photos are low-res and around 250 pixels square…thus become almost unrecognizable when doubled to your 600+ pixel default size. Not a pleasant sight to see. In other words, I think you should consider this to be more than a “back-burner” issue. But, again, it is otherwise Great!

    I would also love to see this feature. I would like it to work as if the gallery images where ordinary media library images. I would like the uses to be able to choose their size as they wish (thumbnail, medium, large , full). I would also like for it to have the possibility to ad a link to the full picture and thickbox (whatever effect you use for your gallery) support as well. I would be willing to financially support these developments. If you read this Alex, and think that would be interesting, let me know and I’ll contact you off forum to see if we could make some arrangements.

    This would be a great feature. Limiting the size of the uploaded photo within nextgen provided it’s below the php.ini max. size setting. I’d like to limit the upload size to 1 or 2 megabytes. Good enough for the average 4X6 print. I don’t care if nextgen resizes the photo or a message is shown on the upload page stating the max photo file size limit is “?? X ?? pixels, X megabytes”. Display of both values would be good. Stating the size in ?? X ?? may be classic photo language, but it’s not everyone who knows how to translate the pixel resolution to megabytes on the fly.

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