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  • Good day,

    Sorry if this has been answered before but a google search did not reveal anything for me.

    I was wondering if there is a way of adding the image title of an image in a gallery to the meta title of the whole page?

    for example, instead of the id “Picture 30 | Gallery Name | …” to “Image Title | Gallery Name…” in the meta title tags of the whole page.

    please have a look at

    Also is it also possibile to change the url to make it more informative (and SEO friendly) to include the image titles/gallery titles etc.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi,
    Plugin NextGen Gallery SEO titles will do your browser page titles. See for an example of it on my site. It works best if your picture/gallery/album names are SEO friendly.

    You could modify your URL’s by using the patch at however Craig Watson who produced it said that NextGEN v1.8 will include this functionality.

    Regards, Mike.

    I’m having some issues with NextGen Gallery SEO titles so it looks like it might not be working at later versions of WP and/or NextGEN.


    I’m not sure what you mean by sub categories so please provide a link to the page that has the layout your interested in.
    Regards, Mike.

    It just the usual nextgen album and gallery setup with matching wordpress pages (as far as I can remember). Instead of numerical ID’s in the shortcodes below I used text as that makes it a bit clearer (I hope).

    On the nextgen gallery setup side I have.
    Album: Gallery which contains
    -> Album: Woodblock Prints
    -> Album: Watercolours

    Alubm: Woodblock Prints which contains
    -> Gallery: Toshi Yoshida
    -> Gallery: Takeji Asano
    and so on.

    Album: Watercolours which contains
    -> Gallery: M Kano
    -> Gallery: K Seki
    and so on.

    Then as wordpress pages I have.
    Page: Gallery (top level) the use of page name Gallery is not in netxgen terms, its as in art gallery.
    [album id=woodblock-album template=compact]
    [album id=watercolour-album template=compact]

    -> Page: Watercolours (second level)
    [album id=watercolour-album template=compact]
    –> Page: K Seki (third level)
    [nggallery id=k-seki-gallery template=caption]
    –> Page M Kano (third level)
    [nggallery id=m-kano-gallery template=caption]
    and so on for all the watercolour galleries.

    -> Page: Woodblock Prints (second level)
    [album id=woodblock-album template=compact]
    –> Page: Benji Asada (third level)
    [nggallery id=benji-asada-dallery template=caption]
    –> Page: Hiyoshi Mamoru (third level)
    [nggallery id=hiyoshi-mamoru-gallery template=caption]
    and so on for all the woodblock print galleries.

    On each wordpress page I add a div to center everything and album or gallery titles within h2 tags. Nextgen created all of the gallery pages I just tailored the content a little. I think I had to create the album pages (Gallery, Woodblock Prints and Watercolours). Then just used the wordpress Page Attributes Parent setting to order them hierarchically (maybe Nextgen did part of this?).

    Hope this help.

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