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  • On this website, we are using NextGen for the images on of the company team.

    The isuse we are having with the longer bios is having the black background extending down behind the copy consistently. It just stops and the copy is white so it looks like it gets cut off.

    I put a height: 150% !important; on the div#shShutter CSS which seemed to have psuedo-fixed the problem, but on the longer pages it doesn’t work.

    You can see the trouble here by clicking on any of the peoples images lower down on the page.

    Anyone know how I can make it so that the black just extends all the way down where ever the bios show up, etc.

    Or have a better plug in for this particular thing we are trying to achieve?

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  • Modify in file shutter-reloaded.css


    and change


    to other than


    I used black and the text was quite readable

    Then work on the height of the div such as including a height of say 75% and adjust the top offset etc..

    Thanks Swanson, I started to play with it but I don’t know that they really want a black box sitting in the middle of the page. They wanted it floating on top of the 80% black opacity.

    Is there no way to make that 80% black opacity fill up the entire web page instead of cutting off?

    Look at the code being input for the caption

    an example when viewing the html source code being generated:

    <a title="<div align="center">Katy Bertoldi - Associate</div>
    <div align="center">Finance & Administration</div>

    Remove the divs and it’s associated code.

    Sorry, I’m not following you. Is this code is effecting the background of the page when it greys out?

    Just to make sure we are discussing the same thing, I put a screen shot here to show what I am concerned with. I want the background grey to extend the entire window. It just stops for some reason.

    Thank you!

    I believe this may be causing issues…a div does not belong nested inside the title attribute …

    Thanks! I’ll go through and remove them. Is it okay to have
    tags in there?

    sorry <br> tags

    I’ve gone through and deleted all the <div> tags. I upgraded the NextGen plug in, turned off all plugins and it still is doing the same thing…

    Something is interfering with it, but I am not sure where or what to even look for.

    It also makes me think something is interfering because of the white square/drop shadows. Is that part of nextgen? I don’t remember seeing those before. It’s not on my website.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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