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  • I’m trying to add a rotating image to the masthead. When I add [ slideshow id=20 w=400 h=300 ] to the div, it just displays it as text. When I enclose it in PHP tags, it throws an error. What do I need to do to activate this short tag in a template?

    Also, to make this work, I am supposed to download some JW something plugin. That plug in doesn’t have the named swf file to copy to the Nextgen subdirectory.

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  • I found a comment on a web site to use this:

    <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[slideshow id=20 w=400 h=300]’); ?>

    But it doesn’t work for Nextgen. Any ideas are still welcome.

    I fixed it partly by downloading a random image thing from the list in the plugins. I had to give up my email address to do it for what I assume was a bogus registration. Oh well.

    Nope, the random image thing didn’t work. It displays nothing. I unchecked the option to plaster an ad across my image so maybe that was it.

    Bump and I’m wondering if anyone knows yet. I completely removed and reinstalled the site but am still looking for that slideshow functionality in the masthead of the document.

    I used the following code to embed a nextgen slideshow into my sidebar. Probably too late to help you out, but for others looking for a way…

    <?php $gal = apply_filters('the_content', '[slideshow id=x]' );
    echo $gal; ?>

    Change ‘x’ to the gallery number you need. Hope this helps someone! (Note: I modified someone else’s code – I could never have figured that out alone!)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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