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  • Hi,

    Thanks alex for a really class plugin.

    I am trying to resolve the issue where galleries display twice.
    I found the bug fix and replaced code in nggfunctions.php. This worked while I was logged into my wp account but as soon as I logged in again the login screen threw several errors relating to this file?!

    Also, I have been customizing the css to create a more lightbox-style layout (
    I have been trying to figure out why the spacing is wrong for the first album. I commented out all references to <div class="ngg-clear"> I could find in nggfunctions but it still appears in the code, except for the first album. Since I am just using float: left I dont need this div.

    Thanks again and hope someone can help!

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  • It was being caused by having 2 galleries inside an album in one case. After I changed this the page displays fine.

    Really strange though, the double gallery bug has corrected (I must have changed something but cant think what!) and has been replaced by the picLens photos now not appearing. The photos appear fine in gallery lightbox and picLens itself is loading, just no photos appearing..

    I will realease soon a update which include the bug fix, maybe you did something wrong during upload…

    woo just got the update it’s all working like a charm.


    Hi, This is my first time posting on wordpress.

    This error is not a nextgen gallery problem, it is caused by wordpress 2.8. The solution is:

    1) Go to and open the file wp-includes/media.php
    2) Go to line 679 and delete <!-- see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php -->
    3) That’s it.

    Enjoy it.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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