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  • I have started using nextGEN gallery recently for my portfolio. Now while this works great. I was wondering what is the easiest way to make the gallery.php realise that some pages have got to be shown differently than others.

    in more depth..

    I have a gallery for graphic design, which is just images, so the gallery comes in handy here. thumbnails -> click on them and you get the image.

    However I wil also get a gallery with webdesign and motion graphics. so for those I will need to change the linking of the thumbnails not to an image, but to a website or video. I was wondering what the easiest way would be?

    I know a bit of PHP but not that much, so if someone could help me make the gallery.php recognize which gallery it is in, so that I can simply adjust the linking per gallery it would be great.

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  • Shameless bump..

    Really, does anyone have an idea of how to go about this… ?

    I am interested in that too… I posted in the NextGEN gallery forum in order to see if there is an option to make a photo link to a URL of my need and not the image path.

    There is an option to use the built in gallery of wordpress, it gives the option to choose a specific URL for every image, however, it does not work – it keeps erasing that url and using the default blank or the one that leads to the enlarged image… BUMMER..

    HELP…? 😐

    Another.. shameless bump.. Perhaps someone has the answer now? or can give me an example of how to work around this.

    I am trying for a similar thing with videos. I want to host the videos on my own server and link through a gallery to play them. Any suggestions yet?

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