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  • roberthq


    This one I don’t get…but I’m getting tired of it. I added images to may gallery. Then later deleted some of the images. Later when I add more images, all the images I deleted have now returned to the gallery.

    why is this happening and how to I stop it from happening?

    As well, going to the server and actually deleting the images on my own is not a way to fix this. That does work however.

    Anyone seen this happen?
    Thanks for reading

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  • roberthq


    This seems like a major bug and I’d think someone else had the same problem…or maybe you’ve heard of it Alex?

    I am having the very same issue here.

    The problem occurs only after I do a new image upload into the gallery. Otherwise, I can get in and out the Manage Gallery screen and it seems ok, the deleted images are not there.

    But right after I upload a new image, they all show up again in the list.

    Also, the reason I am deleting images from my gallery is that the thumbnails were not created in first place, and the only way I can make it work is to upload single images one at a time. If I do a batch upload, many of them get no thumbs.

    Anyone out there could helps us??? =(

    I am having this problem. I’ve been using NextGen gallery for 4 years, but had never deleted an image until a few weeks ago. The deleted images re-appear when new images are uploaded, just as described in the posts above.

    I am seeing the exact same problem. Any ideas?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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