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    I don’t know if this is what you mean, but there users can leave comments. I wonder if anyone happens to look at that page if they know how to replace the ‘Picture 965’ in the page title with the short description of the image? thanks



    Thanks for answer but one says yes and one no ??

    yes, i read some days ago different some trick to permit comments on single image….but for me if you have a lot of images and a lot of traffic the server load is very high with a single page for every image

    I stand corrected. The way I have it set up shows the comment made on any individual item on every image page. I guess I have to rethink this commenting system. I see many sites that have an ’email us about this item’ which then creates the email with the items information in it. I would like to know if anyone has used anything like this with Nextgen and what success they had. Thanks very much


    when you put <?php comments_template(); ?> in the file ‘imagebrowser.php’ it actually works … there are a few things I still have to try out to make it perfect but i guess that since im working on this for 5 mins i will get it perfect in time actually …

    Anyone interested when im done that i post it here?

    Yes, please do post it here ladyhawk.

    Still testing but (dont forget right click for a new window now)

    You can already post comments on a gallery, im trying to put the pid (the $_GET var) as an meta field into the DB. Havent figured out how yet, do have a hidden input with the picture ID already, but not it needs to insert (and the rewrite the function a bit that displays the comments but thats east)

    Ive got it! Still have to figure out some details like the number under the picture (still takes ALL the comments in the categorie) and maybe my scripting could be a bit WP like (but im a first timer, so give me some time). Also when i post a comment on a picture the post uri has to keep the pic var (thats not so at the moment, but i guess pretty easy to fix)

    What i did is a combination off 2 plugins, on the one hand the next gen galery and on the other the ‘extra comment field’ plugin from

    With the extra comment field plugin I created a hidden input with the picture id (from a get). When you post the comment the id of the picture goes in a new table with the extra information.

    The I adjusted 2 functions a bit: function comments_template and function get_comments

    Ofcourse some other minor adjustments but when im all done ill try and email it to ppl who are interested, so just send me a message!

    Just in case: im a newb when it come to WP so if anyone want to take a look with me at the code to improve it, that is welcome too ofcourse! my msn adress is!


    Hi Ladyhawk,

    Can you post the solution here?

    It would be great to add this, even if the data has to be in a separate table.

    as much as i hate to say it but the only way i was able to allow comments to both individual photos and gallery’s is to use another plugin.

    check out my photos here

    its a shame really as i did like using Nextgen Gallery

    There are news about this ? Do you know if the person you program this extension is working on it ? It’s will be really great.


    What plug-in are you using? I checked out your link and I like the way it looks.


    I have the same question to MrMiles: What plugin are you using?



    i am trying to have fixed size thumbnails in a gallery using nextgen plugin. i have set the dimensions in the manage gallery options section to 250 x 175.

    The thumbnails are coming out all 175 height, but the widths are all different. I want all the thumbs to be exactly the same size whilst keeping the aspect ratio of the image. e.g. just cropping some of the photo off if need be.

    Can anyone help me please??

    Thanks in advance

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