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    I recently upgraded my wordpress install to v3.5.1, the latest version of WordPress.

    I’m running the latest version of the NGG Gallery plugin, Version 1.9.10.

    The problem is before v3.5.1, i could go to a Page, edit that page, click Featured Image and select an image from my NGG Gallery and set that image as the featured image.

    After updating to v3.5.1, probably because wordpress added many enhancements to the Media library, when i go to edit a page and click set featured image, i can no longer access the NGG Galleries.

    Anyone know if there are still hooks to the media gallery for external gallery plugins?

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  • Does version 1.9.11 fix this issue?

    1.9.11 does not fix the prob. I am facing the same thing. Pls release a fix quick.

    ok so i was playing with v1.9.11 and i still can’t get it to work exactly right, but i did find some new things.

    Going to a page in wp-admin, you see a Add Media button above the content box. There you can create a gallery (though i don’t see how exactly), you can set the featured image (except you cant choose a photo from NGG Gallery as a featured image, so thats kind of a problem), but you can choose a photo from NGG Gallery and insert it into a post.

    Have you seen this?

    Man, i wish wordpress would make one screen for the media manager. You’ll see this screen is similar to the new set featured image screen except the set featured image screen has less option. Why? Why not give us all of the options on both screens?

    So now, sadly, i am moving the images i had in NGG to the media library so its less confusing when they go to do updates.

    The main reason i used ngg was for its bulk uploader and ability to create galleries. Looks like wordpress media manager might make this plugin slightly absolete for most users. 🙁

    I still think the gallery plugin is the best option but right now its cut off from the core of wordpress, so that is a major problem. Hope they can address it.

    Thanks, I will send a bug fix to the author. Get it fix.

    Yes agree! It seems big problem that pictures in NextGen cannot be used as featured images Needs integration with WP 3.5 Media Manager
    Hope this is coming soon.
    – do you really have to end up with 2 copies of all images?? one withiin nextgen and one in the WP Media Library?
    It would also solve the problem of media manager not having a folder structure, which seems major weakness. Any solutions out there?

    I really need this feature back as well.. it would be really helpful if it was possible to select featured image inside the nextgen plugin.


    Goog to know that I’m not the only one with this issue but is a pity that it has been more than three months since the last update and have not yet released a new version

    Plugin Author photocrati


    Could you all confirm whether or not this is working for you as of v1.9.12 of the plugin?

    Hi Photocrati,
    After much effort I have found that it IS possible! But it is NOT easy..
    From WP Edit post/page, “Add Media”. Then IGNORE the only two choices at the top (Upload Files/Media Library), and DO NOT choose “Set Featured Image” from the sidebar (!!!), but instead choose NextGen from the sidebar. Then “choose Gallery”=>”Show”=>”Use as featured Image”. THEN close the window with top left X icon. And it does work!

    I have to say that this is not practical for my site, which has multiple authors! My theme “Suffusion” has a “Set Featured Image” box in the edit screen sidebar, and that goes directly to the “Add Media” screen but WITHOUT the sidebar options. So they will never find the method above!

    I really think the integration could be improved substantially. e.g. TO add a “From NExtGen Gallery” as a to tab in the “Add Media” screen would help. Just my suggestions, what do others think?

    Great find chrisHe, your method works like a charm!

    Plugin Author photocrati


    For now, yes, you will need to go through the WordPress Media >> click NextGEN > Select Gallery to set the featured image. We’ll do our best to make it a more simple process. Thank you for confirming it does work, I am going to mark this issue as resolved, but add a note that we will work towards simplifying the process of setting a featured image.


    jesse mini shred


    This option doesn’t work for me. It appears to assign the image as a featured image, but my blog roll still shows no thumbnail. Any suggestions?

    jesse mini shred


    I wanted to add that after adding the featured image using the method above it shows the image on the editor page on the bottom right, but not on the actual site.

    Plugin Author photocrati

    (@photocrati), which version of NextGEN Gallery do you have installed? Please make sure you’re up to date with WP (v3.5.2), NextGEN (v1.9.13) and any plugins that have updates available. I’ve just tested the featured image functionality on my test site and it’s working for me using the WP Twenty Twelve and Twenty Thirteen theme. Would you mind temporarily switching to one of those themes, and then go through the WP Media Uploader > select NextGEN Gallery > select gallery, and set an image as the featured image, save changes and then update your post.

    Hope that helps!

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