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  • Hello WordPress Community,
    I’m applying for help, I’m running

    wordpress 2.7
    NextGEN FlashViewer 1.3
    NextGEN Gallery 1.2.0
    WP-SimpleViewer 1.3.3

    The gallery works well but I’m trying to omit the download link as I have the Pro version and I’m also trying to change the font in the .swf.

    I have followed the instructions on how to customise the files: the instructions are below:

    2.2 Customizing ActionScript Options

    SimpleViewer-Pro ActionScript Options are a set of ActionScript variables that you can edit to customize SimpleViewer behaviour. View the list of ActionScript Options here.

    To customize ActionScript Options:

    1. Open \source\com\airtightinteractive\apps\viewers\SimpleViewer\ using a text editor (e.g. Notepad)
    2. Modify the values as required.
    3. Republish your SWF (See 2.5 Republishing SimpleViewer)

    4. How do I change the caption font?

    * Open \source\simpleviewer.fla using Macromedia Flash.
    * Do Window->Library to show the Library.
    * Open the ‘Text’ folder. Edit the ‘Caption’ and ‘Tile’ symbols.
    * Select the text field on the stage. Select a font from the Properties-> Font drop-down menu. To use an embedded font, slect ‘Anti-Alias for Animation’ from the ‘Use device fonts’ drop-down. Then select the required character range in the ‘Character Embedding’ menu. For basic english language, select the ‘Basic Latin’ character set.
    * Note that if you require bold and/or italic fonts, you must also embed these versions of the fonts.

    2.5 Republishing SimpleViewer

    Republishing SimpleViewer creates a new version of the viewer.swf file from the source files.

    Note: SimpleViewer uses the ‘uni05_54’ font for the preloader text. This font is included in the ‘source’ folder.

    To republish SimpleViewer:

    1. Open \source\SimpleViewer.fla using Macromedia Flash 8 (or later).
    2. Do File->Publish to publish your updated swf. The new swf will be created as: \web\viewer.swf
    3. Replace the viewer.swf in your gallery folder with the new one, or run \web\index.html to test your new swf.

    Now when I have completed the customisation and publish the viewer.swf file it works as a stand alone. The caption font has changed and the download link has gone. But when I overwrite the viewer.swf in the ‘nggflash-swf/’ and the ‘nextgen-flashviewer/flash’ folder and clear my cache deactivate and reactivate the plugins and then recreate the galleries. It doesn’t seem to change. Why is this? Is there a way to remove the download link and change the captions if you have purchased the Pro version?

    Can someone please help.

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  • Boris


    It’s got nothing to do with the plugins you’re running. They can’t have any effect on flash options that have been hardcoded into the swf file. The problem I can see is that you’re using both the flashviewer and wp-simpleviewer, but you only overwrite the swf in the flashviewer (the nextgen-flashviewer/flash folder isn’t needed anymore by the way). So if you publish a gallery with wp-simpleviewer it will still use the old swf file.

    It’s probably a bad idea to use both of those plugins. There have been some problems reported and sometimes they don’t play nice together. Doesn’t make sense using both of em anyways, since they do the same thing basically…

    Thank you for your reply Travel-Junkie. I have deactivated the NextGEN FlashViewer. While I have left NextGEN Gallery 1.2.0 & WP-SimpleViewer 1.4-beta1.

    But after recreating the gallery and removing the NextGEN FlashViewer folder. For some reason the download link and the font still hasn’t changed. I understand what your saying that it is an encased and compiled .swf file.

    I’m still pulling my hair out over this!

    I just got the Simple Viewer Pro + NextGen gallery 1.2.1 combo working, so it is possible. It sounds like everything you are doing is correct, but I only worried about replacing the viewer.swf file in the nggflash-swf folder (NG 1.2.1 doesn’t have a nextgen-flashviewer/flash folder). For the next person to stumble across this, there is a nice little tutorial on this here.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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