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  • hi guys
    i have various galleries created in nextgen gallery. i am also using the posttabs plugin to create tabs for all the various galleries. i have listed each gallery under each [tab:Example] command. everything works fine, all the different galleries show in their respective tabs, except for a small issue:

    for the galleries that have a lot of images inside them, i get the pagination buttons at the bottom. when i go into any page beyond the first page in the gallery, and then click on a different tab, the gallery images dont show in that tab. the galleries only show when i click on each tab without using the pagination buttons.

    u can see the problem here:

    you will see everything appears to work fine, but when you click on the second page of the ‘Wall Art’ gallery, and then click on any other tab, the tab doesnt return the images. the tabs only return the gallery images if you are on the first page of each gallery.

    all help appreciated

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  • anyone?

    point taken. but its quite frustrating when i dont recieve a reply because when i leave a link to my site for help, i have to deactivate the maintenance mode plugin so that whoever may help can see the problem

    my project is hidden behind the MM plugin because its not ready to go live, deactivating this leaves my project open to plagiarism even before its ready

    hope u understand 😉

    Sure. You could give WP-Tabbity a try. Perhaps that one will do the tabs a bit better?

    ill give it a try and report back, posttabs works fine, its just this pagination issue that’s bugging me. do u understand the issue extatix?

    Yes. But I guess that’s a matter of the two plugins not being entirely compatible on that matter.

    hmm so close yet so far, will try your suggestion 2morow, thanks 4 the replies bruv – peace.

    i have activated wp-tabbity and am just creating some test tabs. i have entered the following into my page:

    {wp-tabbity title="Comments"}
    The easiest way to get in touch is by simply leaving comments on the various pages and posts on my weblog, I try to respond to everyone and it's quicker if your query is OK to be viewed by all.
    {wp-tabbity title="Email"}

    and all i get is this code on my page, there is no output. have i entered the shortcodes correctly? regards

    No 🙂
    You need to use [wp-tabbity], not {wp-tabbity} 😀

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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