NextGen-Gallery and other Javascript-Plugins seem to interferrer (3 posts)

  1. toatlantis
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hi There,

    I use the NextGen-Gallery to handle and display images in an easy way. As long, as I use no javascript-effect to display the fullsize of images, everything works fine.

    I use a wordpress-theme, that has javascript-functionallity installed.

    But trying to display the images in fullscreen using Highslide or Lightbox, I get some errors:

    (1) using Highslide
    The "Loading" icon over the image, I clicked appears, but nothing is done after that. The javascript functionallities of the theme work just fine.

    (2) using Lightbox
    The javascript-functionality of the theme is completely disabled. The Lightbox-Plugin just works fine and displays the images correctly.

    Does anyone know, how I can use both javascript-functionalities, the great Lightbox-effect AND the built-in javascript-code of the theme.

    For a better impression, visit:
    Inside the post, you see a picture. Clicking it, will try to open the image with the highslide-effect. --> does not work
    But browse through the posts and displaying the best pages on the right side, just works fine.

    Need some help!

  2. V E
    Posted 7 years ago #


    Well it's been 8 months now, but did you ever figure the highslide problem? I get the same thing...you click on the thumb and it just says "loading" without doing anything!

    Thanks a bunch...and nice presentation on your site btw.

  3. V E
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Haven't solved it yet, but this may help for others experiencing the same load problems with highslide:

    Highslide Forum Post

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