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    I am using both the Nextgen Gallery plugin and the Multi-Level Navigation (which is based on Suckerfish, I think) plugin on my site.

    Both are working fine; well, almost ..

    The dropdown navigational menus created by the Suckerfish plugin are falling “behind” any images Nextgen has placed on my page–whether this is an image inserted into a post, or an entire gallery page.

    Hope that makes sense.

    Can this be fixed, or is it just some conflict between the two plugins?

    I can’t figure out what to change to make the dropdown list items fall “on top” of the images.

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  • Please post a link

    The effect I’m describing can be seen if you go to Media -> Photos or Media -> Flyers and then choose one of the galleries.

    When you’re viewing a gallery, hover on “Artists” in my navigation links at the top (Artists has a long submenu, so it illustrates the problem the best) and you can see the menu fall “behind” the thumbnails.

    This same problem occurs if I use Nextgen to to insert an image into a post and the image is high enough on the page to conflict with where the menu drops down.

    I’ll also mention that I’m on a Mac, using Firefox 3 or Safari, and haven’t had much time to test the site on a Windows machine or in IE yet .. so I’m not sure if this problem is occurring in IE or not.

    I did some more digging around the ‘Net and found out that a few other folks had similar issues with Suckerfish.

    According to what I found ..

    I went through and added “z-index: 1000;” to most of Suckerfish’s CSS attributes–forcing it to appear on top of just about everything–and this seems to have fixed the conflict with the NextGen galleries.

    .. at least in FF3 and Safari. I’ll have to wait to test it out in IE.

    Hopefully (keepin’ my fingers crossed!) it’ll handle things the same way.

    I had the same problem and used keelyak’s solution. Seems to have resolved the problem.

    I have a similar problem. go to and see what is happening. I tried the z-index at -.5 for the image gallery, and 1000 for the menu and no joy. still the same.

    Any ideas how to fix this?


    Is the gallery absolutely or relatively positioned, or contained in a div that is? You might have to define the z-index of the gallery’s parent div. I had a similar problem with 2 elements that were overlapping in the wrong order; it only worked properly when I gave the parent div a z-index.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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