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  • How do I get lightbox working with NextGen? I don’t care for the thickbox that is used. Everyone says it is really simple to change, but I can’t find instructions anywhere. I’m completely new to this so speak slowly and clearly 😉 I’m very good at copying and pasting 🙂

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  • And also, is there a way to use/integrate LightboxEx (with the slideshow capabilities?


    Can’t anyone answer these questions. The documentation for this plugin is really lacking.

    Alex’s plugin is still in development, so I’m sure that there’ll be more documentation once it’s closer to a version release. In the meantime, there’s plenty of support on his forums.

    Switching to Lightbox is super easy. First, log into your admin area and update the Thumbnail Effect dropdown (options > effects) to Lightbox. Then, install Lightbox into your theme. The easiest way is to use the plugin cited on Alex’s forum post about this topic. That should be it.

    Alright, here’s the scoop. To use a gallery that you’ve created, put the following into the “page” or “post”: [gallery=id]

    Here’s the catch. You need to substitute “id” with the number of the id of the gallery you want to display, such as “1” for gallery 1. So that means that to display a gallery with the id of “1”, you would put the following in your “page” or “post”: [gallery=1].

    This is obviously different from how some of the template “tags” work, where “id” would mean that it was going to sort by id. As far as I know you can’t have WordPress automatically find and display all galleries. You have to manually put each one in a “page” or “post”, unless you were to write your own function to do so.

    You can also bundle multiple galleries into an album and display that album via the tag [album=#].

    should this be really so difficult? i have the most recent plugin installed, thickbox selected yet i get absolutely no effect when i create a gallery. i can click a thumbnail but its only linked the path of my image – its not opening in the same window, using any effect at all.

    How about a link to your page, isayhello?

    isayhello, there’s an option to that, that you have to flag in the gallery setup part

    Pretty simple really, just go to Gallery > Options > Effects > Choose Javascript Thumbnail effect: Lightbox (in dropdown menu.

    Then make sure link code line says: rel=”lightbox[%GALLERY_NAME%]”

    Works for me.



    Hello quanou, what is the option to flag in the setup? Can it be done after the gallery has already been set up? I am having the same problem with my images opening in another page. It is just linking directly to the images instead of opening with the cool transition on the same page. I love this plugin and I am really hoping to get it to work properly. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you very much for looking out for us newbies.

    So far I have followed all of the advice on this page (and others that I have found) but everybody says the same thing, “just activate LIGHTBOX and select it in the list under Options>Effects”

    I look forward to your reply, thank you very much.

    does anyone have ever experienced that the lightbox plugin does not work with some themes?

    I am using NextGEN Gallery in combination with Lightbox and it works fine with most of my themes, but it breaks with the Mandigo theme…

    Any solutions (apart from switching themes, which is not an option)?


    Lightbox also breaks my wp-magazine theme that I love. I dont’ light thickbox because it’s not working in IE, and obviously I can’t use Lightbox or Slimbox. Highslide did all kinds of crazy stuff, I’m not even gonna get into that one.

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