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  • Just a general question about NextGen Gallery…

    I’m assuming that the primary image uploader in the WP editor is powered by NextGen. I also use the NextGen sidebar widget on two of my sites.

    I’ve noticed that the images in the sidebar always get indexed by Google while the images I insert into my posts never do. I’m on a general quest to improve my sites and I’d really like to have all of my images indexed.

    You can check the sites out here and here.

    I’d appreciate any advice!


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  • Steve Tille


    I have exactly the same problem here, here and here.

    It’s a very beautiful tool, but without findings from google images it’s uselessly.

    I also appreciate any advice!


    I just wanted to refresh this as I added the wrong tag before. New tag added as per Alex Rabe’s instructions.

    I’m still having my sidebar images indexed while the post images are not. It’s this site in particular that I am concerned about as it is entirely image based.


    Cute animal photos
    Political Imagery

    Please look for a first fix here :

    The issue is under investigation

    Thanks Alex,

    I’ll post any further questions on the other thread.

    I think I have a solution for the Google images problem.

    If there was a ‘view entire gallery’ button available for each gallery section or subsection, that showed each image on one page (with title, caption, desc, and tags), then I think Google would index those images.

    The way the spiders follow links, the imagebrowser only gets a couple of images out there, while a more complete listing of the images on one page (or with <-< 1 2 3 4 >-> page links) would be indexed for sure.

    This way, people could click on thumbs with the nice effects, but the listing of full or medium size images with all the text would be available to the spiders (googlebot) and sitemaps.

    I’m not a php-er =( or I would do it. It seems like using the same function that displays the thumbnails could be altered to use larger image sizes, and add the title, caption, tags, etc. I think the pagination function is already there too.

    I looked around to see if a solution had been found. I also looked through the Google code section to see if the issue was being worked on, but couldn’t find anything. Hopefully, I didn’t miss anything and this is an OK place to post this.

    Alex, it can’t be said enough. You rock for creating this. I hope this helps in some small way.

    I’ve made a small mock-up of what I mean just for clarification.

    Thanks for your input , I will test this …

    Hi, is there any update concerning that issue ?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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