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  • I’m having trouble viewing photos on Nextgen Gallery using Google Chrome. When I have a list of photos, I can view the first one, but when I click next, I just get a “loading” message and the photo does not load. I do not have this problem with Firefox.

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  • Same problem on my site,
    with FF and IE all is OK
    With Chrome I receive the same “loading” error


    I have asked this question about three times over the last 5-6- weeks and it has been ignored every time… Good luck getting an answer!!

    Switch to different effect until I catch the problem

    Same problem here. I can view 3 images or so, but after viewing a fourth on the same page I get stuck at LOADING. Photo will never load.


    Someone cought the problem over at

    Here’s a fix for the perpetual loading bug with Google Chrome

    1) On line 154 that starts with “D.innerHTML”, remove the src attribute from the img element.
    2) Right after the same D.innerHTML statement, type:
    document.getElementById(“shTopImg”).src = shutterLinks[ln].link;

    The issue has to do with Google Chrome and an image’s onload attribute. The problem is fixed by stating the source after declaring the onload attribute. Maybe Google Chrome’s V8 Javascript Engine is too fast for its own good?

    Google Chromium 5.0.x does not exhibit this problem… So this fix won’t be needed when updates get pushed out.

    If a patch can be issued it would be great. I couldn’t find exactly where to apply this fix myself. If someone else did it and can upload their shutter reloaded js file to share with us, that would be awesome


    1st – I´m sorry about my english is very poor (i speak portuguese)

    2nd – I have Same problem on my site, but i don´t know what to do. Can you help me?



    @remotay – in what file am I looking for line 154?


    You can find the file in: “nextgen-gallery/shutter/” and it’s called shutter-reloaded.js

    I tried applying steps 1.) and 2.) as posted by remotay but I wasn’t successful.

    @remotay: I think you were refering to the following piece of code:

    D.innerHTML = ‘<div id=”shWrap”><img src=”‘+shutterLinks[ln].link+'” id=”shTopImg” title=”‘ + t.msgClose + ‘” onload=”shutterReloaded.showImg();” onclick=”shutterReloaded.hideShutter();” />’ + NavBar +'</div>’;

    Could you or someone please post the correct code with changes made from steps 1. and 2. please?

    Thank you.

    This should be the mentioned bugfix from remotay :

    tested under FF3.6, Safari 4, Chrome 4 and should work now

    Same problem here……freezing in Chrome…looks good though…

    One thing…can you add a small bit of text that says “To Exit: Click on the Picture”

    Several people have told me the only way to get out of the viewer was to click back…over and over, until they got back to the main page. They didn’t realize that clicking on the pic would exit them…it does seem counterintuitive.

    Pressing “ESC” should also bring a person back out of the viewer. Something in the upper corner that says, “Press ESC to exit” would be great!

    Great plugin Alex, I’m having this same or a similar problem which may be being exacerbated by the other admin of the site being tech-naive and uploading every picture at huge sizes (one was 6k by 8k px? what the hell? so users start clicking before everything loads maybe) the solution here might help me.

    But what I’m really posting for is to complain about all the jack-@$$es who b1tch that you don’t immediately (and for free) solve their problems. There is one on every thread for NextGEN. To them I say: try paying Alex if you want better support, this software comes without any guarantees, unless you pay for them, thousands of people use this plugin (for free) and Alex does an amazing job giving the support that he does. It’s open source, if it doesn’t work the way you want, you are supposed to fix it and give Alex the patch.

    Sorry about the rant, maybe I’m the jerk, but it really seems to me that you go out of your way to give support to non-paying users and for that you deserve our gratitude, even if you can’t jump on every little problem.

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