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    I have so much trouble with the nextGen gallery plugin to add image and gallery with php.

    I saw nggCreateGallery() function in nggFunctions.php but when i try to use it, the parameter pictureList give me some error. What pictureList should be ? I’v try to give it an array of image IDs inserted with add_image() (in ngg-db.php) but that doesn’t work …

    So i’v used add_gallery() and add_image() function (in ngg-db.php) to make it work and i’v those functions worked BUT when i’v tried to display those images in the scroll area they didn’t appear cause : “Warning: Division by zero in …/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-scrollgallery/nggScrollGallery.php on line 296”

    For what i understand the function add_gallery() doesn’t set the image width and height unlike nggCreateGallery().

    My dream would be to create a gallery with images that have been uploaded in with their URL and the get the gallery ID to set it to my original post to display the image scrolling area.

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  • I found the problem. It was indeed the image size. I’v set the width and the height of the image in the meta_data parameter of add_image() and that works !

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