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  • This site has all the examples.

    in the style.css, there’s the following tag (around line 70):
    div#extra-sidebar {
    In this element you’ll see the definition float: right;
    This is keeping the slideshow to the right of the template.

    I understand you want to take out the smoothgallery and replace it with the slideshow, correct?

    I want to keep the same smoothgallery…just with my photos not the templates photos.

    Thank you so much for your help. As a last resort, I’ll use your code but prefer the smoothgallery. That’s why I chose this template.


    I didn’t realize the pictures in the smoothgallery were simply dummy pictures (though it does say so in your initial post …). I hope I get it right this time. 😉

    If you want your ngg-slideshow pictures appear in the smoothgallery on the left, you only need to change the gallery-id in smoothgallery (a post, I assume) to the one your slideshow-widget (on the right) uses. You probably want to deactivate the slideshow (right), too (Theme -> Widget -> NGG slideshow).

    You could also locate the pictures the smoothgallery uses, trahs these and replace with your own.

    I’ll have a look at the theme and see what it looks like. It is a ice theme, I agree.

    Ah, that’s odd. Smoothgallery is “hardwired” into the theme, so you’d need to edit the extra.php in which the information on the (dummy-)pictures and texts are stored (lines .

    I’d rather have a clean theme and add nggallery (and ngg-smoothgallery) as plugins and can then add & change the content easily.

    There is a file called extra.php. There you need to change the code and add links to your images instead of the existing ones.

    oops … didn’t realize that it was already answered by maierma .. 🙂

    Btw .. if you like the slideshow in the header you might also want to check the massivenews theme:
    There you can easily define the images in your backend and each image will be linked to a featured post.

    I think I know what you’re both talking about. I’ll see if I can make the changes. Thank you both for the suggestions. I appreciate the help. ~Diana

    I’m a little confused. I tried to locate the extra.php but can’t find it. Can you advise me where to look?

    The images I want to insert into the smooth gallery aren’t in my posts. If they need to be, I can enter them, not a problem They are in a file in the gallery/album.

    The only reason I chose this theme is the smooth gallery. I like the interchanging photos. I’ll use the welements or this current theme. I just need to know exactly how to make it work for me since I have it on two sites now and am going to create a third with it as well…if possible.

    Yes, I’d prefer a clean gallery and add my own images than to use someone else’s.

    I apologize for not being educated in code but I’m willing to look or change whatever needs to be changed. Thank you so much for your help.


    extra.php is a file within the themefolder.

    I found the extra.php file but I don’t read code very well. However, I think what you’re saying is that I should replace the words in quotes: “shine”, “churches”, “civic involvement”, and “action” with my gallery name: vacation-owernship. Am I right?

    Thank you for your help. I really need it. ~Diana

    Here’s the code:

    <div id="extra">
    	<div id="myGallery">
    				<div class="imageElement">
    					<h3>A LivingOS Theme</h3>
    					<p>Bringing together WordPress and SmoothGallery</p>
    					<a href="" title="Find out more..." class="open"></a>
    					<img src="<?php bloginfo('stylesheet_directory'); ?>/smoothgallery/images/shine/1.jpg" class="full" alt="Shine" />
    				<div class="imageElement">
    					<p>Giving you rotating images in the header with links</p>
    					<a href="" title="Open map" class="open"></a>
    					<img src="<?php bloginfo('stylesheet_directory'); ?>/smoothgallery/images/shine/headerpicture.jpg" class="full" alt="Churches" />
    				<div class="imageElement">
    					<h3>Jon Design's SmoothGallery Header Slideshow</h3>
    					<p>And link to anywhere from the image...</p>
    					<a href="" title="Read latest articles" class="open"></a>
    					<img src="<?php bloginfo('stylesheet_directory'); ?>/smoothgallery/images/brugges2006/3.jpg" class="full" alt="Civic Involvement" />
    				<div class="imageElement">
    					<a href="#" title="Read latest articles" class="open"></a>
    					<img src="<?php bloginfo('stylesheet_directory'); ?>/smoothgallery/images/shine/headerpicture.jpg" class="full" alt="Action" />
    	<div id="extra-sidebar">
    	<h2>What's Happening</h2>
    	<?php if ( function_exists('dynamic_sidebar') && dynamic_sidebar(2) ) { ?>
    		  <?php } else {
    		  /*this tsuff supports the RSS Event plugin*/ if (function_exists('rs_event_list')) {
    				$rs_event_arg = array
    				  "timespan"      => 60 * 60 * 24 * 365,
    				  "date_format"   => "jS M 'y",
    				  "time_format"   => "g:i A",
    				  "group_by_date" => true,
    				  "event_html"    => "<a href='%URL%'>%TITLE% (%TIME%)</a>",
    				  "max_events"    => 4,
    		<?php } else { ?>
    			<ul><li>You need the RS Event plugin for this section.</li>
    			<li>Or use the Sidebar Widget plugin to change the content.</li>
    		<?php } ?>
    		<?php } ?>

    Diana, there are a couple of things that require editing:

    is the text that appears at the bottom of each (individual) picture.
    p: The smaller text on the pictures
    <a href="..."> The URL which opens if you click on the picture
    That’s the path to the pictures which you need to change to the location to the pictures you want. Or just throw your picture in this directory and rename and change the name to the name of your pictures (‘shine’ is also a sub-directory, the picture is ‘1.jpg’.
    alt is the least of your worries, that’s just what visitors see if the pictures can’t get loaded – for whatever reason, most will never see this.

    It’s going to be a bit tedious but maybe worthwhile if you only have a specific set of pictures you are going to use here.

    It is, however, very unfortunate to have the smoothgallery hardwired into the php and css of a theme. This means you can’t change the content of your slideshow easily without editing the php. The wp-smoothgallery simply makes use of the NGG-pictures where you just need to give the id of a certain gallery et voilà. It only need sme fiddling at the beginning to get it into the header of a theme (but doable).

    Feel free to email me if you need more specific help (or some hands-on file-modification).

    Here is an example:

    <div class="imageElement">
    					<h3>YOUR HAEDING</h3>
    					<p>YOUR SUB-HEADING</p>
    					<a href="YOUR LINK" title="YOUR LINK-TEXT" class="open"></a>
    					<img src="<?php bloginfo('stylesheet_directory'); ?>/YOUR/PATH/TO/YOURPICTURES.jpg" class="full" alt="Shine" />

    Hope this helps. 😉

    (Have I mentioned that it is stupid idea to have a gallery implemented like this in a theme? 😉 Sorry, no offence!!)

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