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  1. oldmankit
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    I've spent more than one day exploring various image/gallery plugins and am very impressed with nextgen. I am almost at the point where it does everything I would like, and more. There's just one problem...exif.

    Following the instructions here, I should get a single image with a load of nice exif data. The shortcode I used is [imagebrowser id=1 template=exif].

    The picture displays, the metadata table displays the left hand column (camera/arpeture etc.) but I cannot see any actual data in them.

    I have read that resizing strips exif. I haven't resized. I've tried uploading images from different cameras, uploading in different ways, and have even downloaded an uploaded image to check that the exif data really hasn't been stripped. It's still there, but it won't display.

    Can anyone help?

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