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  • Resolved bmw2020


    I have been having problems with my homepage product carousel/slider. It started after I had updated my themify theme (called “Ultra”) and it framework. After nearly two weeks of back & forth, themify’s tech support said to contact NextGen about an error message coming from the plugin. The slider is appearing at the moment, but now my main banner at the top and “sub-banner” which replaces it at the top of a page when scrolled down, are broken.

    In any case, here is what the tech said:
    “I disabled all plugins except NextGen Gallery on your website, then switched to the default Twenty Nineteen theme, and even created a blank page and set that as the homepage (so no content shows up on frontend). I still see error message from NextGen, please see attached screenshot. The error is not coming from the theme or any of your other plugins. Can you please contact the plugin’s support and seek their advise about this error?”

    Apparently, I cannot attach the screenshot he sent in this in a topic, so I must type it’s content here as best I can:
    “Uncaught TypeError: Object.setProtoTypeOf called on null or undefined
    at Function.setProtoTypeOf (<anonymous>)
    at common.js?ver=3.2.4:150
    at common.js?ver=3.2.4:241”

    Please advise how this error can affect the product slider on my homepage and what can be done on your end to fix this error so it does not cause problems again. Thank you.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • There is a plugin conflict…
    The plugin “PayPal WP Button Manager” v1.1.4 by AngelEYE is causing the conflict with NextGEN Gallery so I can’t see any page content under the Other Options tab. I submitted a bug report. I hope they fix it soon, as I need that PayPal plugin.

    Please do submit this user request to your superiors (from above)…
    Each time NextGen Gallery is updated, under Gallery Settings > Basic Thumbnails > Select View, the view is always set back to “default-view.php”. I have to keep manually setting it to the intended “legacy”, which I prefer because this view places images close together instead of spreading them out. “Select View” should retain the user’s choice when updating the plugin.

    I meant that I submitted a bug report to Imagely, not PayPal.

    Plugin Support mihai-imagely


    Hi @bmw2020,

    Thanks for the update and sorry to say that we couldn’t replicate either issue on our testing sites. So I have personally installed the latest version of “PayPal WP Button Manager” 2.0.1 plugin on my site and then went to “Gallery -> Other Options” and all the existing tabs are showing up just like it should. Also, I have been able to save the “Legacy” view and the “gallery-caption.php” template for “Basic Thumbnail” without any problem and it saved my selection from “Gallery -> Gallery Settings”.

    Can you please try to go ahead and update your “PayPal WP Button Manager” plugin to the latest available version ( 2.0.1 ) to see if this helps?

    There’s a 2.0.1? I’ve never gotten any notification from that plugin that there’s been any updates! More steps to address this, my patience is running out……….

    Plugin Support gabyimagely


    Hello @bmw2020

    Apologies, we are aware that WordPress plugins regularly change from time to time.
    Please, let us know how it goes.

    So I installed the 2.0.1 PayPal WP Button Manager. After installing it, I see the message “Install the Angell EYE Updater plugin to get updates for your Angell EYE plugins” as a banner notice at the top of my plugins page. So I click on the link and get a new blank page that simply says “Plugin not found”. It never updated before and apparently now I won’t be able to update it in the future. I reported it to Angelleye. But I STILL can’t get to the NextGEN Gallery > Other Options page. YAY! So done with this.

    This isn’t sorted for us I’m afraid – it seems the Next Gen is conflicting with more than just PayPal WP Button Manager, which is a plugin that we do not use.

    Sadly we may not have the resources to debug NGG Galleries, I understand bww2020’s frustration. What changed in the last update?

    Plugin Support gabyimagely


    Hello @bmw2020

    Thank you so much for letting us know.
    I added your notes to our ticket 288471.
    Please, let’s keep the conversation on that ticket.
    Let us know as soon as you have more information about that particular problem from the “PayPal WP Button Manager” developers.

    Apologies @shanemarsh28,
    We do ask if possible have individual threads for each case, sometimes it’s not the same problem due to the different combinations of plugins and themes available in WordPress. We want to take a look at your problem.
    Please, create a new forum thread, we are happy to help!

    Many thanks!

    @gabyimagely Thanks for your reply. I will raise another thread when ready. At present the issue is restricted to some sites (not all), and I want to try and identify why that is before raising a specific request for help from you.

    Plugin Support gabyimagely


    Hi @shanemarsh28

    Yes Please, thank you so much.

    Plugin Support mihai-imagely


    Hi all!

    We are happy to get back to you just to let you know that our development team have resolved the JS issue that has been triggered whenever the lightbox was en-queued on pages that didn’t contained galleries. Please update NextGen Gallery to the latest version to solve the problem.

    Thanks for your patience

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