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    All my settings are up-to-date, including WordPress v.3.8.1 and NextGen v.2.0.59. But, I am trying to install the NextGen again and it doesnt happen.

    While I try to install, the browser stays communicating with the server. I checked the FTP and the folder for NextGen was created, but I checked the MySQL and the tables didnt. The browser still “communicating” with the server, for 30 minutes!

    I decided to upgrade WordPress and NextGen, cuz I lost all my galleries after this strange error:

    This error, when happens, simply try to do a back-up of your images, but fail. After, you are not able to acess the gallery again, even the images are in the FTP yet. You have to recreate the gallery.

    Tired of get this error so many times, I decided to remove and reinstall the NGG. Well… at this time, I am unable to do it. The reason I explained above.

    The NextGen 2.0.59 to not install anymore. And I do not know what to do.


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  • Plugin Author photocrati


    @alex Albuquerque – It seems there may have been a problem with your original deletion of NextGEN Gallery and possibly all of the entries in your site’s database were not cleared appropriately.

    There are three tables NextGEN Gallery creates with _ngg_ in them and there are also entries written to the following tables: wp_options, wp_postmeta, and wp_usermeta which may need to be addressed before this issue gets sorted out.

    Be extremely careful if you try to modify these tables as a mistake could complete break your site. Always have a full verified back-up before modifying any database table.

    – Cais.

    Well, think with me:

    1) First, using nextgen-gallery.2.0.40, I was having a strange behavior in where my galleries was being deleted aleatory. I had to upload each gallery again to fix. It was very annoying and I couldnt release the site with this bug.

    2) So I decide to upgrade the NGG, cuz could be a version bug.

    3) When I started to upgrade to nextgen-gallery.2.0.59, suddenly an error occured and the WordPress told me the plugin was disabled.

    4) But it was nos disabled… it was removed!

    5) Well, I had no option. I did a manual deletion.

    6)I removed those 3 tables from WP database and the folders in FTP

    7) Now, I am trying to install the nextgen-gallery.2.0.59, but it only create the folders, not creating the tables in WP database and not finishing the instalation.

    Thats the situation now.

    I have a back-up of my database, including the 3 NGG tables.

    Well, so I will only solve it editing the wp_options, wp_postmeta, and wp_usermeta tables?

    What I have to do there? Clear the entries? Edit for any new value? Redirect the entries?

    Thank you

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @alex Albuquerque – As you are basically starting over due to removing the _ngg_ tables it would be best to remove those entries related to NextGEN Gallery. You should be able to then re-install normally.

    The issue with your installation failing would have more likely been due to WordPress update and/or a connection issue at the time you were updating. Part of the process is to remove the existing plugin files and folders then replace them with the latest release, but if something gets stuck on your site in the process or a connection drops during that brief moment you could end up in the situation you are describing.

    Given that you have a back-up of your site(?) with the database intact, you may also consider just restoring that back up and trying to update again.

    – Cais.


    I´ve searched all three tables and the only two entries referring to NGG was in wp_usermeta table:

    closedpostboxes_ngg-manage-gallery a:0:{}
    metaboxhidden_ngg-manage-gallery a:0:{}

    Can I delete these two entries safe?


    Unfortunately, not solved.

    I cleared all _ngg_ tables and all foreign entries in those 3 tables described. Plus, I removed all folders in FTP.

    Now, I tried to install nextgen-gallery.2.0.59, but it do not install.

    Only the folders are created. The database was not changed. Ande the browser is waitting, waitting, waitting.

    Sorry, but I will have to search for other gallery plugin.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @alex Albuquerque – I’m sorry to read this but it seems something went horribly wrong somewhere in this whole process and these forums do not server as very good means to troubleshoot.

    Were you unable to restore you site to the back-up? Then try re-updating, possibly manually to ensure all files are included and over-writing anything that may exist?

    You are welcome to submit a Bug Report ( … please reference this topic) so we can get a closer look under the page. We will need log in and FTP credentials and we may also need access to your database as well. You can include all of those details with the Bug Report.


    – Cais.


    maybe I figured the situation.

    The process of install do an upload of the zip file to a temporary folder called “upgrade”. There, the zip is unpacked and I can see 35 sub-folders inside the folder “modules, in the path bellow:


    But, when I check the plugins folders under the path bellow, just 7 folders were copied


    Something is happen during the instalation process and all folders are not being copied. The installating is getting stucked in some point.

    My site is ok. Its working well, without the NGG. All my galleries was gone, but the site, the files and the database are intact.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @alex Albuquerque – I would suggest then trying to manually install the plugin via FTP.

    – Cais.


    A manual instalation was done! Perfect! The plugin is actived again!


    I will try to use all the images already uploaded to recreate the galleries again.

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @alex Albuquerque – I’m glad to read it appears to be working again.

    Let us know if there is anything else we can help with.


    – Cais.

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