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    Since January, when I established a WordPress blog, I have been looking around for a good way of handling images in WordPress. And coming across the NextGEN plugin made me truly happy: This was what I needed. Simple, yet elegant thumbnail display, full control on compression/size, and a good basic fade effect. So within short time I have made a lot of postings using the NextGEN Gallery plugin.

    But then a few days back I installed the Firefox browser, just to discover that my square thumbnails do not display properly in Firefox. It might be my newly installed Firefox was not properly configured, so I asked a long-time Firefox user, and he had the same problem. It seems that only the frames of the thumbnails come up, and heavily squeezed horizontally.

    Therefore next I deactivated all plugins except for NextGEN, but that didn’t help either.

    For instance this page of my blog displays a NextGEN Gallery:

    In Internet Explorer 7, you’ll see a mandala-like display that I like very much, with 4 rows of 6 images. And quite nicely, they fill the 600 pixel column. But in Firefox, same page appears with just 24 slender empty frames on one row. And … the other day I saw an Internet Explorer 6, where it displayed only 5 thumbnails per row.

    Therefore I should very much like to know if somebody have any hints where these problems come from?

    Also, if I should wish for one thing to make different in the appearance: Is there any way of replacing the top left link for changing between gallery and slideshow with some light graphic element center-positioned below the thumbnails/slideshow?

    Kind regards from Copenhagen,

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  • Hi Jens,

    Last year I had the same issue with NextGEN and I’ve found the solution after read lots of faq’s. (

    Here we go:
    Question: I can’t see the thumbnails in FireFox , Internet Explorer show them correct.

    Answer: This is an open CSS issue. Please have a look in your theme style-sheet and search for max-width: 100%;
    Delete this line and the thumbnails are shown also in FireFox.


    About changing between gallery and slideshow, I never tried but I’m quite sure you can do this with no problem.

    Best regards from Brazil

    Dear Beatriz

    Thank you very much for your advise.

    I know no nothing about CSS encoding and when searching support forums for help, I feel like Bambi on ice.

    But with your help, I just made my first ever change in the theme style sheet.

    And it did the trick!

    Sunshine from Copenhagen,

    Hi Jens,
    You’re welcome and I’m glad you make it.

    I have to thank you too! I was afraid that i had to give up the perfect theme i’ve found 😉


    Hello, I am using wordpress version 2.6 and NextGen gallery Version: 0.98. There is no “max-width: 100%;” in the nggallery.css. I am having this issue with firefox on a mac. Any ideas?


    Hi Tia,
    Let me know your page with the gallery example and I can try to help you with this issue. I’m using same versions as you are: wp 2.6 and NextGen 0.98. And it works on mac also.

    I have the same problem. No “max-width” on my css and the imagens on fire fox and chrome are showed at the bottom of the page. It works fine on IE.

    Any suggestion? Check here:

    @@ ovvo

    This IS the solution (I mentioned in the other thread) – at least in your case!

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