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  • I am using Highslide to popup a slideshow. Right now in the nextGen Gallery database for each image you have title/alt, description and tags. I am able to get the title and alt tags to appear in the header of my slideshow no problem.

    hs.headingEval = ‘this.thumb.title’;
    hs.captionEval = ‘this.thumb.alt’;

    What I want to do is replace the captionEval value to the description of the image in the nextGen database. What also would be nice is to display the tags as well somewhere in the popup. I am not seeing ‘description’ in the objects documentation for nextGen.

    This is not to be confused with gallery description. I want the thumbnail or IMAGE description so we can explain to the viewers what they are seeing.

    Title / Description / Tags

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  • Anyone?

    I wonder why this question is not answered anywhere and whenever someone asks about embedding image description the topic closes. Its not documented anywhere yet its in the backend.

    Wouldn’t this be more of a highslide question?

    I scanned all the NextGEN code with winone and the image description variable is unsurprisingly ‘description’ or ‘$description’ depending on the usage syntax required. The gallery description variable is ‘galdesc’.

    Presumably you’ve tried the obvious combinations of ‘this.thumb.desc’ and ‘this.thumb.description’?

    Personally I would not have thought highslide would have a description attribute for ‘this.thumb’ as logically (to me) you wouldn’t put a large amount of text under a small thumbnail.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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