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  • Plugin Author photocrati


    Hi everyone,

    We pushed out a small official release (2.0.17) this morning. Immediate afterwards, we also released a new beta version (2.0.18) that includes full multisite support and other fixes.

    Download at:

    The 2.0.18 includes:
    *NEW: Full multisite support, including:
    — Fixed: “Browser doesn’t have flash,” error
    — Fixed: Various upload issues on multisite instances
    — Fixed: Network settings and controls on multisite
    — Fixed: Removed reset / uninstall options from sub-blogs
    — Fixed: Various front-end errors on multisite
    — Other multisite fixes and improvements
    *Fixed: Image quality is set to 100 by default
    *Fixed: Backup images option not saving properly
    *Fixed: Broken link in Overview admin page

    If we can get a sense that these fixes improve performance on multisite instances while not introducing any new instabilities or issues, we’ll release these fixes as part of our full public release next week.

    Thanks. (Erick)

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  • Plugin Author photocrati


    I’m leaving this thread open for now.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not post general issues here if you are using the live version (2.0.17 or earlier). We probably won’t respond to them if you do and you’ll cause confusion about the beta.

    If you have issues with the 2.0.18, please do feel free to report them here. Please let us know if the issues are new, or just still there from before.

    Again, this thread is JUST FOR ISSUES RELATING TO THE 2.0.18 BETA.

    Thanks (Erick).



    It seems to me, there is still no way to skip loading java script files on site frontend. This is very annoying issue. While there is no way to turn off loading tons of crap on fronend pages, the gallery will be BROKEN.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @sellrion: thanks for the input. Can you clarify what’s broken for you exactly? Or is everything functionally working, and you are just saying, in your view, you consider the plugin broken because you don’t like how it’s loading javascript?



    @photocrati: 1. It totally breakes page encoding. The encoding of my site is UTF-8, but cyrillic symbols are used mostly. When I turn off javascript on pages via web browser, site looks fine. When javascript is on, all cyrillic symbols are messed up.

    2. It’s not about what I like or not. 1.9.x has fully customisable functionality in this case. 2.x is trying to be smarter than site developes. Believe me, having + over 1Mb to web page size, + 20% to CPU usage, + over 10 additional requests to web server, + over 10 tons of jquery and other crap for browser to execute, when I have only ONE SMALL widget on my page – is NOT GOOD.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @sellrion: On your general points about performance, we already have some things we know we need to look at there. We do know that NextGEN is relatively performance intensive. On the page size, I’m assuming the extra 1MB is just mostly the images in your widget/gallery?

    On the encoding, most users are not having issues right now with encoding of special or foreign characters. We had some issues with 2.0.0, but those are now resolved. I think we’ve seen and resolved 2 cases since 2.0.11, but the solutions were very specific to the sites in question. If you have a sense for why you’re having encoding issues when most others aren’t and can provide any actionable suggestions (short, right now, of how we load javascript), we’d be happy to hear those. You’re also welcome to submit a bug report with WP / FTP credentials and we’ll try to take a look.

    Thanks again for the feedback.



    Was hoping this upgrade to beta version would correct this error I am having- You can click on the main thumb for each album ID on a page, as well as the title, but nothing happens. No lightbox or slider appears and neither do all the thumbnails.

    All the other functions seem to work except that one (kind of major) thing. (Able to create galleries, add watermarks etc. not a problem.)




    There is still the issue of nggallery.css in /ngg_styles folder.

    With NGG 2.0.14 the latest fixes seemed to work both at my local testsite and on a live website. After 2.0.17 custom “Styles” within /ngg_styles stopped working, and 2.0.18 beta still has the same issue on my local testsite.

    “Styles” however seem to work ok at my web-based NGG testsite where I use only a few other plugins than NGG/NGG Pro. So possibly there is a conflict with another plugin.

    EDIT: I deactivated all other plugins except WPML (my site does not show anything without it) at my local testsite – nggallery.css does not work with 2.0.18 🙁

    Anthony Prof


    Hi !

    I’m using the latest beta (2.0.18) on a wordpress mu install (3.6).

    It’s fixed some issus for me :
    — “Browser doesn’t have flash,” error
    — ATP button that was missing in Tiny MCE editor

    Here is the problem :
    I can upload files to gallery but the path to the gallery is not good, so that i can’t use it.

    With this code in the nextwork settings : wp-content/blogs.dir/%BLOG_ID%/files/ (wich is the default), when i apply a new gallery, the files are upload in a new directory call “%BLOG_ID%” in blogs.dir and not in the blog directory (that is the blog id).

    I hope, that you understand what i mean (sorry for my poor english).

    Thanx for tour help.


    Plugin Author photocrati


    @anthony: could you submit a bug report with login credentials so we could see what’s happening with that path issue?

    @vesat: am I understanding correctly that the styless in nggallery.css are applying fine on your live production site, but not on your local test site? We obviously can’t get login credentials for your local test site. Can you see any symptoms that would help us understand why it’s not working in that environment?

    @kitchconundrum: Just to clarify, are you only seeing this when displaying an album? And when you do, none of the gallery thumbnails respond at all when you click? Is there any way you could also submit a bug report with login credentials?



    Finally – Full Multisite Support is coming! Thanks a lot! Now I will be able to install a newer version since month! I’m already wondering what will happen to my older albums and galleries! As I’m still with V 1.7.x



    @photocrati: my local copy of a live web site with over 2000 photos does not obey nggallery.css in ngg_styles folder, but the same problem exists also with this live site. Deactivating all other plugins except NGG and NGG Pro and using Twenty Thirteen theme does not help at my local testsite (pretty much impossible to make a test like this on my live site).

    However, my NGG testsite in the web works correctly in this respect. This testsite uses a lot less other plugins than my full live site.

    Anthony Prof


    @photocrati : upgrading nextgen from 1.9.13 to 2.0.18 from a clean backup installation solved my problem. The nextgen network plugin is not activated. Now the galleries are in the blog_id directory.




    I have nextgen Version 2.0.18 and i still can not upload any pictures. It oynly says HTTP error.
    I hope you can fix this problem



    @photocrati: just a small correction to my first post in this thread regarding nggallery.css in /ngg_styles folder ie. done with NGG’s Other Options / Styles editor:

    I just tested whether those edits would have worked with NGG 2.0.14 as I claimed in the first post here. It did not, neither with NGG 2.0.17. This done at my hosted (linux etc) live site. A local copy of that full site neither works even if I change the theme to Twelve Thirteen and disable all other plugins except NGG and NGG Pro. When I upload an edited nextgen_basic_thumbnail.css file into NGG’s /modules/nextgen_basic_gallery/static/thumbnails/ the edits work ok.

    The same hosting provider also hosts my NGG test site and on this site the “Styles” edits work ok also when used with other plugins.

    So I have no clue what is causing this 🙁




    txs for fixing the multi-site issues. But there seems to be one remaining:
    On my WP MU (3.6) site running Nextgen (2.0.18) I still get the “You browser doesn’t have Flash, Silverlight, HTML5, or HTML4 support.” when trying to upload images or add a new gallery.
    The remainder of the backend seems to be working.

    Would be nice if you could get this fixed soon too. Finally I’m ready to buy the pro version.

    Txs & TC


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