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  • I really love NextGen.
    We’re allmost at version 1.0 now!
    What I actually miss here, is 1 level deeper. There’s an Album containing galleries now, but what I should like is e.g.:
    – 2008
    . Europe
    . Asia
    – 2007
    . etc.

    I’m curious for your reactions.

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  • You can do that like I do, with pages:

    So 2008 is the 2008-galleries and 2008-personal-galleries are two albums.
    The things inside are galleries.

    Also you can play with tags (thing that I will do from the beginning of 2009) to “separate” galleries from the category they rapresent.

    Like a picture of a flower in the “2007 – california” gallery that can be tagged “nature”.

    No reason to “add another level” when you have:
    albums, galleries
    and TAGS

    It’s the same for wordpress with pages+category, you can do everything with this structure.

    Hope that Alex agree 😉

    I agree that this way ‘fits’ in your gallery style in combination with the theme you’re using.
    I already considered to work like this, but the disadvantage to me is that it does not fit in the rather minimal theme that I use. Meaning no sub menus for instance. So this will be a kind of workaround.
    Never the less… NG is ok or should I say the best of all gallery plugins so I will work my way out. 🙂

    Thanks for your reaction anyway.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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