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  • I have the same issue, (any) selected preview image for album doesn’t display. The image links are of the form:


    which is not found on the server.

    Link works fine, image thumbs inside gallery work fine, just the gallery preview images are broken.

    I am experiencing the same problem… out of 8 galleries in an album, 5 display properly in the page, 3 are broken thumbnails
    I have tried recreating the gallery, regenerating the thumbnails, changing the default thumbnail for the gallery… all come up with the same result. I’ve also checked permalinks, disabled other plugins, and confirmed the folder permissions. I can’t even find why Nextgen would be trying to move these 3 thumbnails to a different folder…
    A preview of the problem page can be seen at

    I’ll toss my hat in here that I have the same problem. Has anyone found a solution yet?

    Hi Scott,

    I looked at your site and see that you got the thumbnails on your albums working. How did you do that? I lost mine when I upgraded from 1.9.13 to 2.0.31 and have been searching for an answer for a week.

    I actually gave up waiting for the developers to admit there was a problem with the code (even though it’s obviously appearing on more than just my site or server), and wasn’t about to pay them money just to get support to fix their own code… I instead went ahead and installed an alternate plugin called “NextCellent Gallery”… it’s based on the code from a working 1.9.13 version, but will release it’s own internal updates. Works with existing Nextgen plugins as well, so bonus.
    And best of all, free support.

    Nextgen Gallery went downhill fast once it sold out.

    Hi Scott,
    That makes sense. I was wondering why there are threads on this subject closed before they are resolved. 1.9.13 displays correctly so I will go back to that or maybe install NextCellent.
    Do you know if there is a way to get Tag albums (created by searching tags) to show up with 1 thumbnail for the tag, [ like template=compact ]? I can only get it to show the found images and I can do that with a gallery. Or maybe you have a better idea.

    Thanks for your insight.

    You are a genius. The tags work with albums in compact display as well. I can get back to working on the site now.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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