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    Is the slider compatible with Nextgen 2.0.0? I upgraded to the latest upgrade of Nextgen and my shortcode-generated sliders stop showing correctly. Reverted back to previous release of Nextgen until I can get confirmation on whether Nivo Slider plugin is compatible with latest release of Nextgen.

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  • Seems it is broken for NG 2.0….

    I’ve got NextGen NivoSlider 3.2.5 on a Development site and the upgrade to NextGen Gallery 2.0.0 definitely broke it. I left it up on the site, you can see it at:

    In Chrome, it displays the broken image icon and takes up the entire page, pushing the text off the bottom and you can’t scroll to see it. In Firefox, it collapses the area for the slider and the text is visible and the rotating markers are visible.

    Also, NextGen Gallery 2.0.0 overrides the standalone NivoSlider menu and places it as a submenu of Gallery.

    I also posted this issue on the NextGen Gallery Support site at:

    I’m seeing the same thing. Had to downgrade NextGen Gallery to 1.9.13 in order to get this working again.

    Plugin Author Aldert Vaandering


    I will definitely upgrade the plugin to be compatible with the new version of NextGen. However I am still considerably busy the coming month(s) so progress might be slow depending on how much work it requires. My apologies for the delay, but please bare with me.

    hi aldert,

    thanx for info. nextgen updated to version 2.0.14 recently.
    nivo works – only resize via tinythumb generates a 400 bad request.

    Just tried 2.0.14 and still experiencing same issues as before with NivoSlider. Have re-installed 1.9.13 to regain functionality.

    Is this plugin ever going to be updated. Nextgen is at version 2.0.17 but we can’t use it because it is no longer compatible



    Hi everyone, hi Aldert,

    I also experiment the same issue, after updating my dev site to WP 3.6 and NGG 2.0… In the Opera console (and also in the Firefox Error Console), I’ve got lots of DOM errors like this:

    [08/09/2013 01:55:21] CSS – http://my_dev_site/
    DOM style property
    Invalid value for property: width
    Line 1:

    And errors are for width, height and opacity.

    By the way, I do confirm that the issue is related to TimThumb v2. When I disable the Resize option in the NivoSlider widget settings, Nivo works like a charm…

    Hope it helps 😉

    (I also hope that the future update will keep the “Crop and resize to best fit the dimensions” option… It’s my favorite one 🙂 .)


    ok everyone. You can now update nextgen gallery to the most current version. To make nextgen-nivoslider work with the newest version of nextgen gallery all you have to do is change one line in includes/ngg-nivoslider-widget.php.

    The line you are looking for is line 523. You are looking for the following code:

    $output .= plugins_url( 'includes/timthumb.php', dirname( __FILE__ ) ) . '?src=' . $image->path . '/' . $image->filename.'&zc=' . ($s['resize'] - 1) . '&cc=' . $s['resizeBGColor'];

    Change $image->path . '/' . $image->filename to $image->imagePath

    That’s it. Simple.



    @roger > The line that you talk about doesn’t exist in the current ngg-nivoslider-widget.php (version 3.2.5)… By the way, there is a similar thing at line 261 but the change that you suggest doesn’t work.

    So the problem is still there when using TimThumb. Without the use of TimThumb, the NivoSlider widget works great…


    I just did a clean install of 3.2.5 to verify what you are saying.

    The only thing I was wrong about the line number. The line is 261/262.

    Making the change above does work.



    Well this fix doesn’t work for me either.. and as Johan has stated, my code doesn’t resemble what Roger has posted..

    includes/ngg-nivoslider-widget.php (version 3.2.5) Lines 261-262 look like this:

    $output .= plugins_url( 'includes/timthumb.php', dirname( __FILE__ ) ) . '?zc=' . ($s['resize'] - 1)
    . '&cc=' . $s['resizeBGColor'] . '&src=' . $image->path . '/' . $image->filename;

    EXACTLY what should this look like..

    Plugin Author Aldert Vaandering


    I’m updating the plugin as I type this. NextGen v2 will be supported and a few bugs have been fixed, as well as new features added. My apologies for the delay everyone



    hey aldert, good to hear that!


    if Roger MacRae fix does not work, try $image->imageURL;

    $output .= plugins_url( ‘includes/timthumb.php’, dirname( __FILE__ ) ) . ‘?zc=’ . ($s[‘resize’] – 1)
    . ‘&cc=’ . $s[‘resizeBGColor’] . ‘&src=’ . $image->imageURL;
    if ( $s[‘resizeHeight’] != ” || $s[‘resizeWidth’] != ” ) {

    Plugin Author Aldert Vaandering


    Okay since I am still on the move it took a bit longer to update than expected but version 3.2.6 is here now!

    = 3.2.6 =
    * Fixed: Compatibility with NextGen 2.0+
    * Fixed: Settings not working with single pic gallery (Thanks John!)
    * Fixed: Slide events not working due to being enclosed in apostrophes (Thanks alecboom0)
    * Changed: Slider will now start on Document.Ready instead of Window.Load, meaning that it will not wait for all images to be fully loaded before starting
    * Added: Options to display gallery title and/or description (showGalleryTitle, showGalleryDesc)

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