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    Hi fellow NextGEN Gallery users,

    After over a year of hard word, NextGEN Gallery 2.0 is now available in the WordPress plugin directory. Thank you to all the beta testers who provided useful feedback and bug reports. This is an uncommon update, and I just wanted to add some personal notes.


    NextGEN 2.0 includes a completely reworked interface for the NextGEN options panel and for adding galleries to pages and posts. The new Attach to Post interface allows you to customize every gallery rather than having global settings that apply to all galleries.


    We recognize this is huge update to NextGEN Gallery. We’ve tested it endlessly, and pushed out betas for public testing. Despite all that, an update of this size and scope is going to produce issues, in part because of the enormously wide diversity of environments in which NextGEN is used (NextGEN will be updated on 100,000 WordPress instances within the first week).

    We – and I personally – are very committed to monitoring, responding to, and resolving issues. As always, we’ll try to triage within the support forums to focus on bugs that are either:

    a) serious or
    b) affecting large number of users

    But we’ll be more present in the forums for the next month or two than we generally are to ensure we’re on top of things.

    Users should also expect relatively frequent updates in the next month or two as we track down these issues.

    You can see other notes on what’s included below.

    Thanks very much,

    Founder, Photocrati



    • NextGEN Gallery 2.0 contains substantial changes to the plugin structure which means there might be incompatibilities some third-party plugins/extension including mobile apps.
    • Back up your site first (both server files & MySQL Database)


    • NEW: Improved user experience throughout the plugin, settings and usage.
    • NEW: Plupload queue uploader that allows for bulk and zip uploads within the same interface.
    • NEW: Complete redesign of the NextGEN options panel
    • NEW: Added new interface for adding galleries from pages and posts.
    • NEW: Galleries are now mobile friendly and responsive, which is most noticeable with a responsive theme.
    • NEW: Streamlined functionality for displaying galleries based on tags.
    • NEW: Architecture based on Pope Framework
    • NEW: New shortcode, “ngg_images”, and corresponding Attach to Post interface
    • NEW: Galleries have now global and instance settings
    • NEW: Support for FastCGI environments
    • Changed: Replaces shortcodes with placeholder images, however still supports legacy shortcodes.
    • Changed: Introduced new Growl-like notifications
    • Changed: The container and it’s images are centered for slideshows
    • Changed: NextGEN styles now override vs replace default styles
    • Changed: NextGEN legacy templates have been deprecated (but still function)
    • FIXED: The ability to use NextGEN image as a Featured Image.
    • FIXED: Many bugs and annoyances, such as PHP warnings, errors, etc.
      For the history of changes, view the full changelog.

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  • Hey Erick,

    I just installed the update to NextGen and it appears as though there is again a conflict with Contact Form 7. The update not only broke a client site completely, but when I got it working again none of my contact forms functioned.

    This error was mitigated by a NexGen update about a year or so ago and everything has been working smoothly since. Any chance y’all tested NextGen alongside Fast Secure Contact Forms of Contact Form 7 knowing there was conflict in the past?



    Plugin Author photocrati


    @adoink – We (and I specifically) did test along side Contact Form 7 for just this reason and didn’t experience issues.

    Can you start a new forum thread about this so we don’t keep it all in this one and so others with the issue can see it, and when you do, can you provide more details about:

    1) In what way did the site break?
    2) How did you fix that larger breakage problem?
    3) Confirm that as of now, they’re both running, but your contact forms aren’t working?

    Any info is appreciated.

    Hey Erick,

    After performing the update I tried to navigate back to the admin dashboard, but the entire site had gone down. Meaning I saw there was conflict in the dynamic scripts that made it so none of the HTML rendered and the browser threw a server error.

    I regressed my installation to a previous version of the Gallery, though the element of the contact forms that is not functioning is that on press of “submit”, “#wpcf7-f1388-t1-o1” is appended to the page URL. This is the error I saw last year and it’s happening all over again after more than a year of smooth sailing.

    As of writing, I am back to the previous iteration of the Gallery and the only piece that isn’t functioning is what’s mentioned above.

    I’m planning to play around a little bit in a sandbox instance of the client site to see if I can sort out where the conflict is. The error message I saw in Chrome was sadly vague, but I’ll bump this thread with any new info and/or errors once I have them in hand.

    Thanks very much for the prompt response.


    @adsoink – please don’t post in this thread. This thread is for info, not support.

    @photocrati – do you want us to close this thread? It’ll still be visible but people can’t post in it.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @wpyogi – no, that’s OK. We’ll try to redirect elsewhere. But given the scope of our recent update, I want people to be able to post general comments and generally feel like we can be approached right now. If it gets out of control, we can close it. Or if you decide you feel it should be closed, you can close it. I think our preference for now would be to keep it open.


    That’s fine – totally up to you :). If you change your mind, just modlook it and someone can take care of it for you. We just want everything to work as well as possible for everyone here!

    I just loaded the update to 2.0 and it broke the display of my posts that use it. This is the error I’m getting:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_detect_encoding() in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/products/photocrati_nextgen/modules/simplehtmldom/simplehtmldom/simple_html_dom.php on line 987


    @viwickam, wow! What version of PHP do you have installed? This function is at least supported since PHP 5.0!

    I need to change the album thumbnail size, but I can’t figure out how. Now it’s the default : 91 × 68. I managed to change the width in the css file, but ofcourse they display blurry. Hope I can find help here.


    I can’t add a tagcloud, because when i try attach to post, my session is over and im logged out…

    Maybe anyone know how to add tagcloud in 2.0?


    I’m experiencing the same bug after I updated NextGen. As soon as I did it, the slider which shows posts on the home page stopped to work.
    The user interface is great but I really would like to fix this bug before the site goes live.

    WordPress Version:3.5.2
    Theme: Attitude-modified 1.1.7

    Can you help please?
    Thank you!

    Plugin Author photocrati


    Hey all – we want to keep this thread open for general comment, but please don’t post individual issues/problems here. If you’ve done so above, can you please post your issue in a separate thread.

    That allows us to keep the conversions on each issue separate, it allows others with the issue to see your thread and add to it, and it allows us to mark it as resolved once resolved, so others can see the solution.

    To avoid encouraging more individual support queries here, I’m going to painfully avoid responding to the queries above. So if you’d like a response, please open a separate thread.

    Thanks very much!

    Plugin Author photocrati


    Hi all,

    We’re slowing trying to figure out the patterns behind what issues we’re seeing and there are now some trends we can see. I just want to point people who come to this thread to the following places. If you are having one of these issues, please post in that thread.

    Please do NOT post non-relevant issues in those threads either. Keep it relevant please, and it will help us solve faster.



    **There is a quick fix available for this now**

    **There is a partial fix available for this now**


    After the update, the symbols for linking have been gayed out and a few others are grayed out as well.

    Will be looking to downgrade to the last NGG plugin version.

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