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  • Hi everyone!

    I’m happy to announce we’re going to run our first NextCellent beta! Before you freak out, let me explain.

    What’s the beta?
    Sometimes we need to make rather large changes to NextCellent. To prevent bugs, we’ll be running a beta test to try and eliminate bugs.

    Is it for me?

    • If you’re running a billion dollar website, then no.
    • If you want to help out, and know your way around uploading with FTP, then yes.

    How do I participate?

    1. Download this file
    2. Unzip the file
    3. Upload the contents to the folder containing NextCellent (mostly located in /wp-content/plugins/nextcellent-gallery-nextgen-legacy/. You should override the files there.
    4. That’s it.

    How do I go back to the normal version?

    1. Delete the nextcellent-gallery-nextgen-legacy folder. DO NOT UNINSTALL THE PLUGIN, it will remove your pictures.
    2. Install NextCellent as you normally would.

    What’s new?
    The first beta (19/12/2014):

    • A total new slideshow function. Please test it in all possible ways!
    • An options to update the NextCellent database silently. This will only work for newer versions, so for the first beta you will still ove to go to the NextCellent overview to update it.

    Please report any bugs, issues or suggestions on the repo:

    Beta approved by WPGetReady 🙂

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  • A first update is ready.

    Beta 2 can be found here.

    This include following things (see repository for all changes):

    • Fix for a typo that prevented the code from running. (issue #4)

    Hi, beta 2 works great …
    best regards

    Beta 3 is now available.

    Download here.

    This includes the following updates:

    • The slideshow widget was updated to support the responsive setting.
    • All the widget code behind the scenes was improved a lot. They should now be more stable.
    • The security for the widgets has also improved.

    Note that IE8 Webslices are not supported anymore.

    Hi, I just downloaded Beta 3 and copied it to one of my test environments running NextCellent.

    It seems to work alright in all other aspects but on WP admin screen the prompt to upgrade database gives a message “You do not have rigths to do this” (or something like that as this site/NextCellent runs on Finnish).

    Upgrade within NextCellent admin screen worked fine.

    @vesat Thanks for your feedback! This is known issue and is already fixed in the code! It was a typo in the URL 🙂

    Hi, (sorry, my English is bad, I’m French!)
    I just tested the Beta 3 of Nextcellent locally (WampServer) everything seems to work but I found two problems:
    – Sorting images galleries: I can change the order of photos, but when I record my work, the images back to their original place (this problem exists in other versions since the upgrade WordPress 4.1)
    – The “setting” in the admin: the page normally opens by clicking on the menu, but remains empty.
    thank for this good plugins

    @jjved83 Thanks for your feedback!

    The first problem is already fixed and will be available in the next version (normal and beta).
    I’ll have a look at the second problem.

    Hey there, thanks a lot for the great effort keeping this up to date and bug free!!!

    I installed the beat and the thumbnail cropping problem is solved, also for the bulk actions everything seems to be back to normal…but the biggest issue for me still remains, which is sorting galleries!!
    Now the thumbnails are visible and I can rearrange them, but as soon as I am trying to update the sort order they snap back to where they were!!

    Would be superawesome if this could be fixed asap, it is driving me kind of nuts I must admit!! 😉

    Ups sorry, just read it is sorted out already…

    Thanks man, you are the best!! 😀

    Beta 4 is now available.

    Download here.

    (note that most of the fixes below will be available in the normal version shortly)

    This release includes the following:

    • [FEATURE] Use the WordPress color picker in the settings
    • [FIX] Some bugs related to the widgets
    • The fixes from the master branch are also included:
      • [FEATURE] Show the gallery ID when editing a gallery.
      • [FEATURE] Add a description when making a gallery.
      • [FEATURE] More WordPress integration: better admin menu integration and contextual help.
      • [FIX] Manual sorting of the images.
      • [FIX] Preserve transparency (Frank P. Walentynowicz).
      • [FIX] Preserve manual sort when using [nggtags] (Frank P. Walentynowicz).
      • [FIX] Do not check too much on zip upload.
      • [FIX] Support for longer album names.
      • [FIX] Admin.css should be loaded again.

    Beta 4 works very well, thank you.

    I’m seeing several issues:

    • Settings page is completely blank, empty, no tabs, nothing.

    • No way to sort images. If I remember correctly under the Actions menu you could select SORT then Apply and a page with thumbnails would show allowing to arrange thumbnails. I currently see no option to Sort anywhere.

    • Clicking “Edit thumb” does not allow to crop, presents an empty box with partial title and X to close window. No other options.

    @chris Borgman

    Would it be possible to make a separate issue for each issue in the bug tracker ( That way I can easily ask for more details, what makes it easier to fix 🙂

    Beta 5 is now available.

    Download here.

    This beta includes the following fixes and improvements:

    • Fix for older PHP version not displaying the settings and thumbnail correctly on the admin pages.
    • Always show the sort button.
    • Merged the master branch (including improved translations, javascript and image handling)
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