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[Resolved] "Next visualization" not working….

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    Thank you! No, there are no known conflicts. It seems very strange, we have made some tests whit w3 cache and we have not ran into problems. Please can you post or send via email: popup settings screenshot, wp version and a list of active theme and plugins?
    Thank you for your cooperation.

    ITRO Suppot: support.itro@live.com

    Okay … here’s what I’ve got:

    See screenshots here:

    So, I’ve tested this now with W3 Cache enabled and disabled, so it might not be part of the problem. The popup just keeps on coming for logged-out visitors. Logged in visitors it only happens once, as expected.

    However, on my own computer, it eventually went away in FF and Safari. But I got the popup at least 5 or 6 times before it stopped popping up.

    My colleagues on two different computer are having it come up over and over every time. All of us are on macs if it makes a difference.

    It’s a bummer because this is exactly the simple plugin I need!

    Plugin Author ITRO Team


    Do you use any plugin for logging system or do you use the wp users system? Can you give us your site link?

    We have a beta version which can resolve your problem: download beta

    Please report us if problem is solved. Thank you

    Hi, I don’t think so. Should be standard wp users.

    Site link – http://www.triplepundit.com

    Right now I have WP Super Popup on there, which works okay but screws up mobile users.

    I will try your beta in a few days!

    Plugin Author ITRO Team


    Please try new official release and report us if problem is solved. Have you tried on a windows/linux OS?

    Plugin Author ITRO Team


    Problem resolved in new version.

    Hi guys… well, it’s still not working. I have the latest version of ITRO.

    I have the popup running on this test page:

    I am testing on FF, Chrome & Safari on a Mac. As you can see, it comes up over and over again. It never stops coming.

    Also, it still happens on mobile devices as well if I load that page.

    You should probably allow clicking on the background to close the popup too.

    Plugin Author ITRO Team


    What theme are you using?

    This is happening to us as well.

    Plugin Author ITRO Team


    Are you using WP Super Cache or similar?

    I guess this plug-in doesn’t work with caching…

    Plugin Author ITRO Team


    Please try last version and give us a feedback. Maybe we have fixed the problem with caching.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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