• Anyone know when CVS is scheduled to be cleaned up and released again for us who aren’t using CVS to be able to enjoy the new spam work and other features?

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  • yeah, i want the SE Friendly URLs desperately. Google hates my blog. 🙁

    uhh…a christmas version would be nice 🙂

    uhh…a christmas version would be nice 🙂

    Create your own christmas version!: Mike Little.

    Do you really think Google hates your blog Sushubh? I LOVE your blog….has a very nice Indian touch! 😛
    Seriously, my blog seems to do OK without any fancy URL encoding or SE friendly URLs. I do use very honest link propagation methods when I post and all of my permalinks are hacked to get me the most exposure at Google and other search engines.

    Oooi. Someone likes my Blog! 😛
    and I thought it was just something I do to boost my ego… 😀
    Well, nothing bad in having handsome looking URIs!
    Thank you LL, u made my day. And all the effort behind that non standard compliant Blog worth it… 🙂

    Google has no problem with my sites, but I think that’s because the two largest of them have had content for a couple years. In fact, I’m not getting hits on all my old GM entries anymore. 😀

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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