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  1. Musicyouneed
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I run the site http://www.musicyouneed.net and I'm trying to get Next Scripts to work for auto posting to my Facebook wall. I get the message below and I have no clue why, because I know I am inputting the Facebook app data correctly- I've tried it probably 15 times now. Can someone please provide some input as to why this is happening?

    One thing to note is that we did just transfer from a Godaddy shared server to a vr.org VPS, and it has caused some other random problems with plugins and such as well. The strange thing here is that the other social networks are working, just not Facebook.

    Please help! Thank you.

    -= This is normal technical authorization info that will dissapear (Unless you get some errors) =-

    -= Code:AQDj3AQpuMxq-GW-Ty2m84nhD1ULbGDKnyb7XIKXA0MEc9eLv9-OdcyQVDgeYQQc2eji8s4ynLBvzTm2pVbr_0yi-dQozIliWz90uscOm4f79j0Vr_pV4-MPfErgfokj21N5Ku4NbH5uGnbYLK1Tl776NwQJaWcfuAWo376km-wZD8mDiYNrULG5vGYdDmfoMo0-=
    [doFB] => 1
    [nName] => Music You Need
    [fbAppID] => 388032101225968
    [fbAppSec] => 0bf18b29981f9b8eb34f6836d88e052c
    [fbPostType] => A
    [fbAttch] => 1
    [fbAttchAsVid] => 0
    [fbMsgFormat] => New post has been published on %SITENAME%
    [fbMsgAFrmt] =>
    [fbURL] => http://www.facebook.com/musicyouneed
    [fbPgID] => musicyouneed
    -= Using API =-
    Can't get Facebook User. Please login to Facebook.

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