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  • Hi,

    1. The button “Next reviews” should be “Next review” as it loads 1 review at a time, not multiple.

    2. It would be good if “read more” had more customisation like “Read more…”

    3. The CSS with this plugin is using a lot of excessive !importants which creates some very ugly css, like hyperlink buttons for example.

    4. I am seeing the error: Uncaught ReferenceError: rplg_next_reviews is not defined when clicking on Next Reviews… it was working earlier today but has now stopped working…

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    1. Sorry, I can’t agree with you, because it depends on how many reviews are set in the ‘Pagination’ field of the widget settings. There may be several reviews, for instance 3, 5 or more and the ‘Next reviews’ is abstract message and this implies one review too.

    2. Thank you, we will investigate the possibility to have this in a plugin.

    3. The !important property is necessary to show the design of the plugin is the same on any WordPress site, because each site has own and customize design and without !important the plugin will broken very often due a conflict with a site css. We are sure in this, because had an experience in it.

    4. Could you send link to the page where it does not work?



    1. In the case of 2, 3, 4 yes but if you have pagination set to 1 then it should be “Next Review” because the button loads a singular review at a time.

    2. Ok

    3. That’s only true for poorly coded themes, of which are rare and they’d already be having tons of css issues with multiple plugins/widgets… etc. The use of !important should used as little as often.

    You’re using some fairly unique classes for example .wp-google-list, a website is unlikely to have the same class already on their website and hardly anyone applies css to the actual element like div { font-weight: bold; }. So applying css to that class without !important would be fine for the vast majority of sites.

    Chances are most people who install the widget will want to change the appearance a little and they can do that easily then either with using !important themselves or by placing the css after your CSS loads.

    The current setup just makes it much harder for people to add personalization to the widget.

    If someone is adding custom css to the customizer and using !important, it’s going to override your css anyway.

    For example, I restyled it to: as well as adding a “Based on xx reviews” (Unfortunately have to fill this is manually)

    4. It was just working, without me changing anything… I changed the settings to paginate 2 and its stopped working, reverted it back to 1 paginate but still broken… I’ll see what it does without being touched for 24 hr

    5. One more suggestion. I think you should have it so you can choose the data/time shown for for example I would get rid of the time completely and show the full date: 19th of June 2019

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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