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    Stumped again.

    How should I set this up to be able to use the same theme with various changes per blog?

    I’ve installed 3.0 and created 2 sites so far, and set the network to see/use all the themes I added from the main install.

    Both blogs use Modularity theme, but each one is modified for its particular theme. I have separate copies stored locally, but where, exactly would I upload each one?

    I opened filezilla, went to public/wpinstall then content/themes but it would overwrite one. I clicked the blogs assuming each site would have a folder but it’s empty.

    Am I not looking in the right place? If I were to later allow other users to be able to use those themes, how could they make modifications to any given theme without it overwriting somewhere else it might be in use? Where would they upload their own themes, or would they?

    Can I upload specific themes per site as well as using the network theme option?

    Or would it be easier to just rename the Modularity folder per site to something like Modularity1, Modularity2 and just go about it that way?

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  • The last thing you said, just rename each copy of the theme. There’s probably more elegant ways of doing this, but this works and is quick/easy, especially if the sites are just for your use.

    When viewing the themes page, you’ll be able to see which is which by the line:
    All of this theme’s files are located in /themes/[yourthemename]

    Child Themes, much easier!

    Make a Modularity folder as your ‘parent’ theme, with the basis for everything else.

    Make a folder named for the site (I’ve found that’s easier) like modSite1 and modSite2

    In those folders, make the child CSS –

    Then ONLY upload the changes to that theme in that folder πŸ™‚ The majority of the code will be the same, and if you ONLY have images and css changes, then this is just dead easy to do it πŸ™‚

    I just went with the multiple name changes and it worked fine. I don’t know enough to mess with child themes at this stage.

    I ended up going with twentyten and modifying it. I got it finished and was in the middle of posting when I saw an update notice. I clicked that and when it finished it undid all my styling in styles.css which royally pissed me off, it was hard enough trying to figure out which attribute went to what thing on the page.


    I fixed it again and saved a copy so next time you guys update and it screws up everything I’ve already done, least I have a copy now.

    At any rate, this one’s considered resolved.

    If you modify 2010 and you upgrade you will lose all your modifications.

    That’s why I suggested a child theme.

    Seriously. They’re REALLY easy once you do it and you will NEVER lose your changes to an upgrade πŸ™‚

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