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  1. grungepuppy
    Posted 9 years ago #

    here's my issue. i have a category (art) and inside that category i have a few sub categories (prints, paintings, drawings)... i also have a template for the art category (and thus it's sub category).

    why i am trying to do is to get a next/previous link within the category to work with the sub categories. as of right now, the "in_same_cat" is only calling the 'art' category and not the subcategory only... furthermore, if i exclude 'art', there are no links at all (since the sub categories are beneath the art category, which the post will also have.)

    in short, is there a way to get post links for a sub category only (without excluding the parent which will void all the links).

    hope that made sense. thank you for any help.

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