• Hello,

    I have a site running S2Member Pro with Authorize.net recurring payments. I know S2 does not store the next billing date based on reading through the forums. I know Authorize.net of course knows when the next billing date will be. I am not a programmer first off so I don’t know how to write a query to their API. I see Jason provided a bit of code that does this for Paypal here http://www.s2member.com/forums/topic/last-payment-time-is-wrong/

    Ideally what I would like is to show a countdown to the next billing date. i.e. Your membership expires in 12 days

    I did this for those with an EOT for our free trial period but now would like to show paid members the same.

    Has anyone already done this? Or has anyone at least been able to calculate the next billing date?

    Even if I could query the last billed date (which I understand S2 does store somewhere), maybe I could use that to calculate the next billing date or how many days to that date.

    Thanks for your help!


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