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  • Before anyone flames me, I’m not talking about traditional pagination, or listing posts, or anything like that. I am talking about being able to generate links of PAGES (not posts) in sequential order, determined by their Page Order.

    I see there are functions to navigate between posts in chronological order, but I couldn’t find anything that does what I’m looking for.

    Any ideas?

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  • I wrote an experimental plugin for another member’s request which links next/previous Pages based on post date. Haven’t looked at it in a bit, but should be able to make some mods so one can set links by Page order.

    I’ll post a link to the update a little later.

    Yeah, I read the other post… that’s exactly what I’m looking for (once it’s modified of course). thanks, I’ll check back soon.

    Took longer than expected as I tried to track down a bug that turned out to be in my Page templates… (Which was good, as it forced me to handle things a bit smarter in the plugin.) Anyway, Next-Previous Page (0.2) supports navigation by Page (menu) order:

    download | view source

    To install, download zip, extract next-previous-page.php to your wp-content/plugins/ directory, and activate Next-Previous Page under Plugins.


    <?php next_page('orderby', 'link', 'before', 'after', 'title_attr'); ?>

    <?php previous_page('orderby', 'link', 'before', 'after', 'title_attr'); ?>


    Method to order Pages in next/previous link hierarchy. Options are 'post_date' and 'menu_order' (Page order). Default is 'post_date'.

    Text displayed as the link. Use '%' to display the Page’s title as link. Defaults to 'Next Page: %' / 'Previous Page: %'

    HTML or text to display before the link. There is no default.

    HTML or text to display after the link. There is no default.

    Text displayed for the link’s title attribute. Use '%' to display the Page’s title. Defaults to 'Next Page: %' / 'Previous Page: %'

    thanks much, that’ll do!

    This is a great plugin and is almost exactly what I need. Is there a way to exclude it to a parent and it’s children or at the very least exclude certain pages?

    erm..i am searching everywhere but i cannot find where to put the “<?php next_page(‘orderby’, ‘link’, ‘before’, ‘after’, ‘title_attr’); ?>

    <?php previous_page(‘orderby’, ‘link’, ‘before’, ‘after’, ‘title_attr’); ?>” code…

    In which file exactly ? inside or outside the <div> area?

    Obviously, since it is about Pages you should put the code in your default Page template (page.php).
    Which div are you talking about? Sometimes there are dozens…
    I’d suggest, check where the similar code is for the posts – in index.php or single.php and find a placse like that.

    thanx for the reply…i put the code from “”
    in theloop.php and everything seems to work normally now 🙂

    Wow, this is the first time I hear about a file called “theloop.php”… but if it works for you, it’s fine 🙂

    seriously, is there a way to exclude certain pages? I only want it to scroll through certain sub pages not every page. drats!

    I gave page A,B,C,D the page order 0,1,2,3. Then I gave page E,F,G,H the same page order: 0,1,2,3. And page F ended having the same “next” and “previous” links as page A…is there some way of getting it to circulate only certain pages?

    It is possible navigate only child pages? E.g. if i have a Page A with page 1, page 2, page 3 as childs i want browse only this pages.
    Kaf there is a work for you 😀

    I would also like to only navigage throught the child pages. Is this possible?

    Moshu, thanks for making this nice plugin for pages. Is there anyway to modify it so one can navigate between brother/sister pages only, specifically excluding their parent and grandparent pages?

    1. I’ve never written a plugin: I am code-illiterate 🙂
    The plugin above has been made by Kafkaesqui.

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