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  1. nfleischer
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have had a look at the forums and searched google for this.

    I sometimes find my self editing pages in the Dashboard, i.e. SEO optimizing them.

    One feature I miss when doing this is the "next page" button. As opposed to going to all pages and then selecting the next page and choose edit, I would like to get the "next page" button on the actual edit page page. :-)
    I could be located next to the update button and be named "update and next page" as I most of the time want to save/update the page with the new changes.

    This would not be an issue if I had just one site with 5 pages, that was rarely updated. However I am in the business of setting up these pages for clients, and some of these clients have many pages. Currently I am working on a client site with 64 pages. Not all of these have content and need to be SEO optimized, however it would be much quicker for me to go through the pages with a "next page"/"update and next page" button.

    Is this even making any sense and am I the only one who misses this feature?


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