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  • Hey Everyone,

    I am looking for a way to display multiple galleries on a page (which Next gen gallery already does), but to have only 1 thumbnail which launches a the gallery of images in thick box.

    I tried putting 1 thumbnail for each page and hiding the pagination, but thick box only shows 1 image that way.

    Any ideas?

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  • I’m actually trying to do the same thing as we speak. I’ll post back if I figure it out.

    I have a solution 😀

    Thickbox, Highslide, and all those fantastic js viewers out there need the links to be in the page, just hidden. If you look at the examples of highslide for example that shows one thumbnail for a popup that shows a gallery of images, they are just setting the display of all the other thumbnail links to display:none. So everything is still there which is why we can’t have NextGen only show one thumbnail.

    Ideally NextGen could create a div around all the thumbnails except for the first one and give us the option to display them or not. But since that’s not the case I have a different solution that I’m pretty sure works in every browser.

    Every NextGen gallery is enclosed by a div of class “ngg-galleryoverview” we will set the height and width of this div to match the height and width of one thumbnail and then set the overflow to hidden (We will also add position:relative for IE). So in wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/css/ edit “nggallery.css” and add this at the bottom:

    .ngg-galleryoverview {
    	overflow: hidden;
    	position: relative;
    	height: 97px;
    	width: 122px;

    The height and width will depend on your thumbnail size. 122 x 97 works for the default ( 100 x 75 ).

    One caveat is that let’s say you want your gallery thumbnail to be something large, your site will load that size thumbnail for every image in your gallery and take forever to load. But if you’re sticking with a reasonably small thumb, I think it will be fine.
    It’s not the best solution. But it will work.

    Great idea! Thanks a ton, really helped me out.

    Thank you for that. Better than nothing. Would love to see this as really working feature in Nextgen. Alex – please fix this option. A lot of peoples looking for this!

    Guys – any other solution or plugin which can really do the thing?

    The overflow trick works, sure. But, I need something more elegant, that allows for width/height to be set at the page level with a
    [singlepic id=x w=width h=height]
    tag, not at the style level. Yes, I could have style on a div around every gallery that gets set manually, but again, not elegant for a CMS, where I’ll be turning this over for someone else to add photos to.

    Any help greatly appreciated.


    I was looking for a solution to this same issue and implemented it on my site. Although it looks great in IE8, when I look at the page in FireFox, it displays all thumbnails in a very long vertical column. I don’t know much about the code, so I’m not sure how to address this.

    Anyone else had this problem?


    Yes, I’m trying to do the same thing- to have many images in sep. galleries but show just a single thumbnail for each gallery on the gallery page. As it stands, the first 2 galleries eat up all the existing space and the remaining 3 don’t display at all…is there a resolution?

    My solution to this, was to start the blog, hen insert with nextgen, but just insert a picture rather than an album, then I clicked on the more button, then under that, I inserted the full gallery

    No one knows how to show one thumbnail for a whole gallery?

    I am facing the same issue. thought this must be done managing galleries. at least giving me the options how i want to display the gallery. i just one thumbnail, if i click on this thumbnail the gallery opens… is it possible to launch a gallery via a url??? something like http/mypage/gallery1 ? wrap this with a href?? dont know.. just looking for a solution!!

    I’m sort of…amazed? This seems like such a basic thing. It’s not even like you’re creating additional functionality. You’re REMOVING a function. There’s really no fix for this aside from a CSS hack? It seems like something that would be on the very front page of the plugin as “Thumbnails to display per gallery”.

    I have been looking around all week for some kind of solution and there’s nothing. Literally nothing aside from the CSS hack.


    I agree. Very frustrating. I have nothing constructive to add to this conversation, I just wanted to express my interest in finding a better solution for this issue.

    So anyone has a proper solution for this???

    Still going crazy on that!

    This is exactly the way I would like to use the gallery function! In the meantime are there any other plug-ins that would do it?

    yes i have used display none with success in the past but i also want to use as a cms and don’t want users to set it up.



    Me too.

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