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  • I have Next Gen Gallery installed. I know there is an option of creating Albums, but I can’t exactly figure out how to use it. Right now, if you go to the Photos page, all my photos are organized on the page, however each gallery I add increases the length (and ultimately load time) of my photos page.

    So as far as I can figure out, I can either create my photos page like that, and divide the galleries with an header, OR I can create a seperate sub page for each gallery.

    Ultimately what I would like to do is create seperate albums which would open up to another page, or window when clicked on (kinda like you can on any social networking site) Is this a feature that you can do using NextGen with the album feature? If so, any help is appreciate.

    Also, if you have links to your site so I can see examples I would appreciate it.

    My site is although I have taken my photos down until I can organize them better. Thanks.


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  • Any help?

    can someone please help me???


    I’m not sure if I can help (and it’s actually been 3 months since you posted this) but on the racing site I’m webmastering, there is a page that has an overview of all the galleries – it’s an album page actually and uses the ‘compact album’ option. When you click on one of the galleries, the page opens so you are now on the gallery page with a bunch of thumbnails.

    Seems harde to explain this stuff than to show it. Anyway, you asked for examples so here is the site and album page.

    I had made my own custom album boxes and thumbnails to match.

    I can explain further how I did it if this is what you’re trying to do. Let me know.


    Hi Girly-Girl,

    Just read your post and had a look at the link provided and I am using the Compact Albumn view and have you found anywhere how to add navigation to the albumns as when you click on a albumn it would be cool to have a back to the orginal page button or something 🙂

    Oh and I take it to edit what you have you go into the folder style sheets and edit the images and css colours?


    Hi tomhopes,

    Hmm, I’ve never tried putting a link to go back to the main album page, maybe I should…I think the way you’d be able to do it is to add a simple text link at the top (or bottom) of the page that the gallery is on, but through WordPress page edit, not NextGen – and if you do that (again using WP page edit) I would presume that it would show no matter what “gallery page” you’re on. Hope that makes sense… 🙂

    Whenever I make a gallery, I use the option in NextGen to create a new page. So if I were to add a link back to the album, after uploading the gallery and photos, I’d go into the dashboard’s pages/edit page screen and would type the text link (before or after the gallery tag) back to whatever your albums’ permalink is. But you would have to do it to all your galleries…in my case, I would do it 10 times, once for each of the galleries I have.

    Yes, for the styling I just edited the nggallery.css file – make sure you make a copy of your modified css and save it on your PC as a backup in case of loss during upgrade or something. I wanted my album thumbnails to behave just like the gallery thumbnails so I copied some of the code from the gallery thumbs to album-compact or whatever it’s called…I just wanted the mouseover/hover function so it was fairly simple.


    if you guys still want to know how to put a link back to the album from a gallery page. i found the file to edit, it’s nextgen-gallery/view/gallery.php

    Here’s how i did it. Guide. Here’s the result.

    Why not use breadcrumbs (I use yoast), here’s an example.

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