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  • Hi Marcel,
    After attempting a failed upgrade from Lazyest, I reuploaded all files into a subfolder in the uploads directory. All the thumbnails and images are correctly created and almost all functionality works except that neither the Next Folders or More Thumbnails work.

    Remediation steps :
    deactivated all plugins : no change
    defaulted to twenty twelve theme : no change
    changed various eazyest settings (col nums, exif, extra fields) : no change

    Next Folders
    When clicked, the URL shows /page/2/ however the screen doesn’t update. If I set the col and img numbers to 0 then all information is displayed on the one page as expected however not pagination.

    More Thumbnails
    When clicked I get 0 returned and no additional thumbnails displayed.

    I use the pagelines theme but have tested against twenty eleven and twenty twelve without success.

    Lastly, when using the gallery slug, the recent folders widget doesn’t obey the settings for display X folders.

    Gallery version : Stable tag: 0.1.2
    URL :

    Appreciate any help.


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  • Plugin Author Marcel Brinkkemper


    Have you tried to reinstall Eazyest Gallery?

    Today I have
    1) deleted plugin and reinstalled…no change
    2) deleted plugin, deleted gallery images, reinstalled plugin, readded images…no change
    3) per 2 above, but deleted _cache directory in each folder…no change
    4) removed the plugin, all themes, deactivated all plugins, deleted entire gallery. Reinstalled plugin, added a small set of photos…no change

    I haven’t created a brand new WordPress install but that would have to be my next attempt.

    After doing a completely fresh WP install, if I loaded my images (already sitting on the server) using CPanel to copy them, then the same issues persisted.

    I then removed the plugin, ensured all images were deleted, before loading my 2,000+ images via FTP (not unzipping my copy on the server). To my relief the site behaved correctly until I set the front page as static. Setting the page as static caused the same issues as before.

    On my original site, whether I set the front page as static or not is immaterial but I can’t prove it wasn’t the catalyst for issue.

    In short, it’s now working but I had to do a fresh install of WP and load the files via FTP not copy those on the server.

    Follow up.

    FTP uploading of images – folder rename failed
    On my local machine, I had each photo folder/album with the first letter in upper case. At upload Eazyest converts to lower case, which is not an issue however if you ever have to reload the folder (for example when when some images failed FTP I resubmitted them which did create an issue as the folder could not be renamed.

    e.g. uploaded via FTP 100 images in a folder called album Canada which was renamed canada. Of the 100, there were 10 images that failed to load therefore were again uploaded however these never appeared in the Eazyest gallery as the folder Canada could not be renamed canada as it already existed.

    Eazyest Gallery Shortcode On Main Page
    I have a separate WP install to handle my photos. Some things I noticed.
    1) if putting the eazyest_gallery shortcode on a post, the preview correctly displays the post and pagination works however once the post is published and you click ‘next folders page’ the next page can not be found.
    2) if setting a static front page and the selected page has the eazyest_gallery shortcode, the ‘next folders page’ link appears however when clicked the page does not change i.e. the URL has page/2 however the existing page refreshes without navigating to page 2. If you navigate to the static page using the full page URL, then there aren’t any issues.

    FYI, I’ve tested this using the Twenty Twelve theme.


    Plugin Author Marcel Brinkkemper


    Thanks for your detailed report.
    I’ll test this on my servers.

    Hi Lorry and Marcel,
    Please also help me. I’m having the same problem, thumbnails image doesn’t show in my gallery folder.
    Please take a look my gallery:

    The thumbnails doesn’t show but the larger image can show up when I click the broken thumbnail.

    Thanks for your help.
    Regards from Indonesia

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