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  • Do you have a home.php and and index.php in your theme?

    Yes, there is a index.php

    I know there is an index, otherwise it wouldn’t work. My question was aimed to whether you have a home.php, too?

    EDIT. And the next question will be whether you use any page-to-front, hompege and similar plugins?

    DOH! Sorry about that. No, there is no home.php page.

    The pluggins I’m using are:

    Democracy (Ajax polling plugin By Andrew Sutherland.)
    WordPress Database Backup

    I also wanted to say thank you Moshu for taking the time to help, it’s very much appreciated.


    Did you think of any way to fix this?



    The only thing I can think of to use the “is_paged” conditional in your Loop – but I am not a coder.

    I assume that thing is shown by using an “is_home” conditional, so you should add “and if is_paged”.

    Hi Moshu,

    I can’t find the is_home in any of my files.

    I’m stumped,


    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Do you have an archive.php in your theme?

    That’s “archive” singular, not “archives” plural.

    If so, then you may need to add the code that displays the comic to that as well. The archive page is called for, well, various kinds of archive pages.

    Hi Otto42,

    I doubled checked and I don’t have an archive.php for the theme. I do have an archive.php for my cartoons but it is not connected to the theme.

    Now with that said, the code I use in my main page uses an absolute path to my cartoons and not a url based path. I’m not a php coder so I’m not sure how to change the script with out messing up it’s calls.

    I’m beginning to think that the absolute path is what causes the problem.



    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    AHHHH! That’s your problem. You’re using a relative path for the image, not an absolute path.

    See this code on your main page:
    <img src="cartoons/08-22-2006.jpg">

    Well, when your URL changes to the /page/2 thing, that relative link is now broken. You need to change your comic code to use a full, absolute, path to your images. Like this:
    <img src="">

    That will fix your issue. If you don’t want to specify the entire URL (maybe you have more than one? maybe it changes from time to time?), then you could specify the relative path from the root instead. Like this:
    <img src="/cartoons/08-22-2006.jpg">
    Note the leading slash in the src attribute.

    Hi Otto42,

    I tried that, I think you’re dead on though. However, the way the script works, this is what it calls for:

    <!– $comic_path = the absolute path to your comic files, NOT the URL ask your webhost for this info, if you don’t have it.


    So it would take a whole reworking of the script and I’m not a coder. That’s why I was hoping to find a work around on the way WordPress treats the /page/2 thing.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Steve: No, no, that’s not the same thing at all. That $comic_path is not where your problem is.

    It probably wouldn’t be difficult to change (just add your URL in the right place, most likely), but without seeing the code itself, I cannot be more specific than that.

    Otto42: I changed my permalinks to the default and it is all working now. The default url now is:
    instead of:

    Can’t help with this issue but one of the comments helped me. Adhesive was causing a conflict with the previous – next navigation on my site. Affected all themes. It’s all better now – THANKS!

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