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    I’ve limited my galleries to 3×10, i have over 350 images in the folder… it shows the 30 it’s supposed to, but does not show a next or previous option as it’s supposed to… Am I missing something?

    link to my site:

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  • *grumble* I also get “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.” anytime I click on a thumbnail, however the thumnails are showing up properly.

    The issue is due to your images being placed in posts, not pages (I think, since it appers you’ve changed plugins). The engine code does not show a ton of the stuff for a post since those tend to be more constrained than a page, so it was decided to make the image names and other elements not appear for posts. It wasn’t exactly expected that that many images would be placed in a post as opposed to a page. The next version of the plugin will actually make this an optional thing for those people that want to have this enabled in posts.

    As for the second issue, that’s very strange and is not a normal situation that should occur with the plugin (I’ve actually never had that error reported, nor seen it myself) Not sure what was happening there and can’t really check it now that you don’t have it installed.

    BTW, While I do check these forums a lot looking for issues for my plugins, it’s sometimes quicker to send me an email from the website or post on my own support forum at

    Yeah, I found the site a little after I posted this question. I saw there that some other people on there had similar problems, and it was usually caused by the “pretty permalinks”… I could get it working when i went with the default p=3 link settings, but the pretty permalinks were somewhat important to me. I finally got the nextgen gallery working so I figured I’d go with that.

    Thanks for the response though.

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