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  • Hi there

    I have just installed WordPress and have amended the “Default” theme to be the same as my own website. I have only amended the CSS entries I’ve needed to so that the theme is the same, and have left all the typography unchanged. BUT! When I click on the Blog Entry title or the Comments link I get the Next/Previous Posts links at the top of the page, and the title is in between them. On the default theme the title is on the next line. I can’t see anything wrong in index.php or my style.css sheet, does anyone know why this might be happening? shows the next/previous links and the title on the same line.

    If anyone can’t point out why this is doing this I’d be very appreciative!

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  • I think adding a simple clear: both; declaration to .post in your css will fix it in IE (it works fine in real browsers)

    *hint* When I customize a theme I customize every page in the theme, not just the index.php and style.css. Different php files are responsible for different pages and different areas of each page. index.php is only for the index page of your site, other pages are generated using single.php or page.php, or one of the archives files.

    For a more thorough rundown of how that all works, read here:

    And here:

    Dissection of a WordPress theme: Part 1

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