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  • Yes, the plugin uses the jquery.cycle.js plugin ( for the animations.

    The jquery plugin is very easy to modify and has a lot of customizable options.
    View the options here (jquery.cycle options).

    To start, find the “testimonial-rotator.php” and edit line 389 adding/editing the options you want. You can add paging or next/prev buttons but you will need to create the elements somewhere in the content (i.e. in the post where the rotator is).

    thank you so much Rohmel for your reponse and the links !! You rock mate ! there are some great example there.
    I had the look at the example and I managed to create the next and previous button that I wanted.

    It’s all working like I want now !!

    Thanks Again !!

    Plugin Author Hal Gatewood


    @matt896 Would you mind sharing what you did? I could add it as an option to the original plugin. I think others will probably want this in the future.

    @Rohmel thanks for helping others out!

    I need to add a previous and a next arrow. Not sure how to do it and look into what Rohmel said, but I am not too good with php.

    Can anyone help with more specific details on how to do this?

    This would be very helpful for me as well. Will changing the testimonial-rotator.php affect any potential updates? Is there a better way of doing this?

    Plugin Author Hal Gatewood


    Changing the testimonial-rotator will affect future updates, yes. I will work out how to get the prev/next buttons available and put up a demo.

    Thank you! Looking forward to it 🙂

    Any updates on how to do this? I would like to have next/prev options as well.

    Plugin Author Hal Gatewood


    I have a new version of this plugin hopefully coming out this week. It will include the option to have prev/next buttons and improved features.

    When do you upload the version with the previous / next links option? I really will need 🙂
    Thank you in advance for your help

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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