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    In the links you sent above you forgot to use a post as the starting point. Since “previous” and “next” define a relation, the plugin needs to know what the target should be previous or next to.

    Please try


    (No need to add post_type since the plugin can infer it from the post which you apply the link on.)

    If you want to insert these links on a page where you display the posts, it is sufficient to use ?redirect_to=prev or ?redirect_to=next – the browser adds the left part of the URL for the current post.

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    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for you reply, much appreciated.

    I’ve got the links on buttons built into a template, so I was hoping it would be relative to the post it was on. Is this just not going to work?

    I’m using Beaver Builder Themer to build the template, if it helps.

    Plugin Author Christoph


    It works if you use as links in the buttons the relative address format – ?redirect_to=prev or ?redirect_to=next.

    On your website the ?redirect_to=prev and next is added to the root, without the URL part for the post. For example: When I inspect the HTML, I see a slash:

    <a href="/?redirect_to=next" target="_self" class="fl-button" role="button">
     <span class="fl-button-text">Next Big Thing ></span>

    So please make sure that you don’t use a slash (“/”) in front of the question mark in the link for the button.

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    Oh jeez, you’re right. Thanks so much!

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